Woody Patchouli

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It’s time to reclaim patchouli from hippies and hipsters alike and give this essential oil the respect it deserves within luxury body care. Derived from an aromatic plant, we painstakingly remastered this scent most commonly associated with incense. Along the way, we elevated the woody, sweet and spicy fragrance to an essence that is wholly Sabon NYC. It is both familiar and entirely new. Patchouli hails from hot tropical climates, but can easily bounce back after heavy rains. It is also known for both its myriad medicinal properties and as an insect repellant. This is the multifaceted survivor of a fragrance you get from Sabon NYC alone or in combination with complementary scents—that is how truly multidimensional patchouli is and how much we value this earthly fragrance.

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