About Sabon


It all began in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1997 when childhood friends Avi Piatok and Sigal Kotler-Levy began making soap in their home. Guided by an ancient aboriginal recipe, they meticulously blended various local herbs and flowers into a magical mixture of fragrant oils to create delightful handmade soaps. Sliced and beautifully wrapped, SABON became a beacon for products that inspire creativity and provide exceptional quality.

With the same love and creativity that inspired the original bar of soap, Sabon has expanded to products for the body, the home and the soul. Our mission is to continue to create and offer an unparalleled range of exceptional products with the same love and creativity as this brand began with. At SABON our work is our art and we believe that should always come from the heart. 

Today SABON can be found in over 165 store locations and in 14 countries world wide. All products are manufactured and packaged by SABON Israel and shipped worldwide. 


Inspired by Mother Nature, we use only high quality natural ingredients in our products. These ingrdients hold powerful secrets to your well being. Delicate herbs whisper the secrets to longevity, while fragrant flowers bestow beauty on their users. We are inspired by the healing properties of the Dead Sea, with its vital minerals and salts. It is through these natural wonders that we are able to offer a healing experience for the body, mind and soul.



The root of our inspiration, we strive to protect planet Earth every way we can. We recycle all plastic, paper and glass; use recyclable packaging and biodegradable packing material.


Visit one of our store locations with your empty SABON container to recieve 10% off one item. 


We are forever grateful to the support of our community. In return, we are proud to be a part of various charities and organizations, both big and small in support of many important causes. Some of the organizations we've had the opportunity to work with in the past include:

Susan G. KomenWinThe Ali Forney Center