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Every soul thrives with balance and harmony, and both elements are honored in the Tokyo Celebration Collection from Sabon NYC. This limited-edition luxury skincare line features an exclusive design and an irresistible scent that is an aromatic expression of sunny days, of long walks down a rocky path with wild blossom and wind in your hair.


Fresh and Modern Fragrance


The fresh and modern fragrance is called Clear Dream, the perfect aroma for the Sabon NYC summer 2020 collection. It symbolizes the time when the air is clear and bright, and the sun is solid and firm. Lemon and jasmine notes dance blissfully, alive in their transparency and light. They’re supported by the base notes of amber and musk, a duo that provides a deep, underlying sensation of comfort and harmony.


Harmony is likewise infused through the pairing of opposites found in the city of Tokyo, which inspired the creation of this collection. Tokyo is a place where tradition meets modernity, where the cultural heritage of the arts meets the future of design’s trends. All contrasts are possible here, and all merge into an exceptional experience that is remembered and treasured forever.


Fresh and Modern Artist


As an ode to balance and harmony, our Tokyo Celebration Collection was born out of a collaboration with Tokyo-based calligraphy artist Mami. Her unique artistic style incorporates and celebrates opposites, retaining the traditional calligraphy of Japan while adding the influence of various street cultures. The result is a new genre that fuses calligraphy and graffiti art, known as “Calligraffiti.”


Fresh and Modern Collection


The Tokyo Celebration Collection takes us on a journey across Japan, a journey that is both physical and spiritual. Your physical senses are delighted by the breath-taking scenery throughout the collection’s pastel colors and tranquil ambiance. The artistic brush strokes invoke movement, a spiritual journey guided by a perpetual sense of moving forward.


Move forward into self-care as you’ve never experienced it, basking in the collection’s Clear Dream fragrance infused throughout all your favorite Sabon NYC bath and beauty products. The Tokyo Celebration Collection includes all our favorite products for body and home, along with elegant gifts sets for yourself and your loved one. From body oil to our signature Dead Sea scrub, from our luxurious lotions to aroma reed diffusers, you’ll enjoy the lucid lightness of Clear Dream—for a limited time only. Shop the Tokyo Celebration Collection at Sabon NYC today.



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