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Olive oil is one of nature's greatest creations, and you can experience that greatness firsthand with the Olive Oil Collection Shower Oil from Sabon NYC. As our signature shower oil, this moisturizing liquid body soap is rich with antioxidants to help maintain your skin's natural pH levels.

Highlights of our Olive Oil Shower Oil include:

  • Natural Goodness: Based on a nourishing, cold-pressed olive oil mixture
  • Shower-Friendly Design: Plastic bottle for added safety, includes pump
  • Fulfilling Portions: Shower oil bottle contains 320 ml (10.8 oz.)
  • Sabon NYC Purity: Sulfate-free, paraben-free formula

Sourcing natural ingredients is one of the overriding claims to fame of Sabon NYC, and nowhere is this more evident than with our Olive Oil Shower Oil. Not only is olive oil the main ingredient in this luxury body wash, but we ensured all its benefits were maintained by opting for a cold-pressed mixture that doesn't deplete its natural goodness. Bring goodness into your own home today with our Olive Oil Shower Oil.