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Our Products

We produce a range of exceptional bath and body products, using time-honored remedies based on the finest natural ingredients. Our mission is to bring luxury to the everyday, for everyone.

We use delicate herbs and botanicals whisper the secrets to longevity and perfect health. Fragrant flowers, by way of oils and petals, bestow beauty and healing magic on their users. It is through these marvels of aromatherapy, that we are able to offer an experience of serenity to the mind.

The life giving properties of the Dead Sea imbue Sabon’s products with vital minerals and salts. It is through this miraculous and legendary oasis known as the Dead Sea, that we are able to offer an experience of healing to the body.

Guided by an ancient aboriginal recipe, we meticulously blend various local herbs and flowers into fragrant oils and lye. After cooling and setting, this mouthwatering soap was sliced into hearty chunks. With the same love and creativity that inspired the original bar of lavender soap, Sabon has expanded to include delightful and dreamy products for the body, the home and the soul.

Our products are packaged in both recycled plastics and glass, for an exquiste touch to any home decor and to better serve our Earth.


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