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Career Opportunities

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To see Sabon's open positions and become part of the Sabon family, please apply HERE

Why work at Sabon?

At Sabon, we offer a unique workplace that is as exciting and rewarding as the products that we offer. We are looking for talented and unique individuals to join our family, and become a part of what Sabon offers:

  • An environment that inspires and captures the imagination, through the visual and sensory experience.
  • We strive to consistently exceed customer expectations by anticipating their needs, desires and dreams, and by offering unrivalled levels of service.
Our mission is to bring luxury everyday, to everyone.

Sabon Values

What is important to us has been with us since Sabons founding:

An unparalleled array of products

Sabon offers a wide variety of scents, colors, treatments, and easy ways to pamper. Our products cannot be found anywhere else, making them like a diamond in the rough.

A unique and inviting experience

This experience is crafted through visual details that are put into every store location, product branding and packaging, and our excellent associates. The ability to go above and beyond our customer's expectations and making sure every moment spent with them is inviting, informative and memorable. 

These values are part of everything we do. They are the measure for success today and for our future. As a company and as a family, we take pride in working together for each other and for our customers.

There's no place like Sabon.

Convenient Store Locations

With 11 locations throughout Manhattan, 1 in Long Island and a Web Store in Jersey City, it's easy to commute to Sabon store locations. We offer full and part time positions and flexible schedules for anyone with an already full schedule. The environment in our stores is always upbeat and exciting. You will always hear great music at our stores and associates dancing and engaging in real conversations with our customers. 

Our Associates

Many of the associates that find their place at Sabon are people within the arts world, with flexible schedules and a flair for life and knowledge. Being in the heart of New York, everyone has a unique and colorful background, which allows for a divese workplace, offering new world experiences and lasting relationships. 


Sabon offers an extensive training course in preparation of becoming a part of the Sabon family. The training will familiarize you with product details and ingredients, computer functions, suggestions for handling various situations, Sabon's company history and our goals for the future, how to gift wrap Sabon products, and important selling techniques. 

We Believe in You

As a company and a family, we make it our goal to make you feel at home. Sabon provides a unique opportunity for you to spread your wings and discover your potential. With possibilities to earn monthly bonuses, close personal contact with supervisors and managers, and the opportunity for promotions, you will always feel supported. 

Open Door Policy

We are all here to help and listen to any of your problems. Our Human Resources Manager is always available for confidential conversations. Come to us with anything on your mind. Additionally, we try our best to accommodate your schedule, and provide financial assistance, recommendation letters for school, a new job, or simply renting a new apartment. The door is always open.

We look forward to meeting you!



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