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Aroma Reed Diffuser


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230ml | SKU# 801159
Sabon's Aroma sticks, a new age of home fragrance, enhance the sensuality of the home. Strips of bamboo absorb and diffuse long lasting natural fragrance from Provence, available in a variety of unique blends. Bordeaux offers warmth and spice with hints of vanilla and patchouli. Paradise and Heaven invigorate and recharge with refreshing and lightly tropical fragrances. For milder fragrance, Champagne's clean musk and Provence's dreamy lavender make natural choices for relaxation areas, particul
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By Arielle| May 04th, 2012

I am OBSESSED with this fragrance! It smells like you have flowers in your home all the time at a quarter of the cost. I wish they had a perfume in this scent! The container is really pretty as well.

By Shantay| January 30th, 2012

My favorite aroma hands down...I lived for Pink Atmosphere until Green Valley was birthed! This is designed exclusively for you if you love the scent of the outdoors with a kiss of sweetness. It's soooo good :) It makes me happy!


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