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Mud Mask


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All Skin Types, Combination, Oily | 7 oz. | SKU# 800325
Sabon's Mud Mask is a thick, creamy mask rich in minerals from the Dead Sea. A 10 minute treatment once a week dramatically improves the skin's appearance by deeply detoxifying the skin, removing dead cells and effectively narrowing the pores.
Apply mask to clean, damp skin making sure to avoid eye area. Leave on for 10- 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Use once a week. Be sure to use a moisturizer afterwards- as it tends to have a drying effect on the skin.

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User Ratings & Reviews

Average Rating:

19 Reviews

I love this mask, I have very sensitive skin and was worried about buying this but it turned out great! It makes my skin feel very soft and refreshing and it is also very helpful for pimples!   Maddy 8/4/13

This mask is goooooood. You definitely want to try. First I was worrying about the irritation for the first time use like other reviewer said, but it turned out to be amazing. Will recommend to my friends.    Tracey 6/27/13

I love this mask! I have very dry skin in the winter and this mask pulls all the bad impurities out of my face leaving it moisturized and soft. My skin was so dry and irritated the first time I use it the mask burned but now it doesn't burn and I am able to leave it on until it dries completely (15mins). My face is refreshed after using. Great buy   Jennifer 1/31/13

I love the Sabon mud mask. I have oily/acne prone skin and it makes my skin feel wonderful. It has also helped with the oiliness. I use it twice a week. Smells wonderful. I wish that they made a lotion that smelled like the mud mask. Definitely one of my Sabon favorites!   Lisa 1/23/13

I used the mask once...I left it on for about 20 minutes then rinsed it off. It did burn a little when I first put it on but it went away. After rinsing my face was so smooth I couldn't believe it was still my face. Then I used the face polisher right after and it was like I got a whole new face. Amazing. To the person that said this product caused them to break out: the lady at the store told me that the mask brings all your pimples to the surface of your skin and not to use it before a big event or anything. So maybe that's what it did? I'm not sure, but I love this product    Ashley 1/6/13

It smells wonderful to begin with, it kinda burned my skin just a little bit when I applied it, but I thought that only because my skin was so dry and it was trying to do its job. And it did! After rinse I was left with soft skin face and just can't help but touching it!   Ratri 1/3/13

It's the best mask I've ever used!Leaves the skin increadibly soft.In combination with the polisher before the mask and the moisturizer after, the skin is smooth,refreshed and cleaner than ever!Highly recommended for pampering ourselves at least once a week!   Christina 1/1/13

This mask smells great and works very well. It didn't dry my face out, but it also addressed my oily/ combination skin very nicely. I was very impressed.   Alexa 12/27/12

Absolutely love this product!!! been using it for a while now and I'm addicted! I've used several masks from different companies and this one leaves my skin looking so healthy and takes care of "imperfections" in my skin. I highly recommend it.    Elise 12/20/12

It was just like the lady at the store described it, it worked so well and by the 4 use i don't even have to wear base makeup. It is a God sent... THANK YOU SABON   lexy 12/13/12

Don't let this comment discourage you from buying this product. For the majority, consumers seem to really enjoy the results of this product. But this mud mask has given me more breakouts than what I already started with. I really don't understand what I am doing wrong. I apply a decent amount to my face, once every week, and wait until it dries. I then wash it off and dry my face. What I began to notice, once I began this treatment, was new breakouts emerging. Perhaps I am allergic to something in it- I don't know. For now, I have stopped using it and I am trying a different method. I will use it once more, after my face gets a bit clearer, and if I get the same results, then there's obviously a problem.    Kermit 12/11/12

This mud mask is by far the best mud mask product I have ever used! It's fresh, natural, and smells amazing on! And most mud masks usually take up to 10 minutes to dry and take off, but with this product it only takes 5 minutes and less, which is amazing when you're on the go! The feeling afterwards is beyond words, rejuvenating, refreshing, and moisturizing all in one! I recommend this product for everyone, dry, oily, or combination skin. 5 stars all the way!   Shilo 8/11/12

Seriously, once again, Sabon never let me down! I used this product once so far ( just bought it) and it smells AMAZING and took all the dry skin off my face and I seriously felt like it was a car wash for my pores! Def recommend. Who wouldn't? ( great products at an AMAZING price)    Kirsten 6/5/12

This is the first product I used from Sabon and I am thoroughly happy with it. I love the smell and the feel of it. I have never experienced a mask quite like this one. After this I also bought tons of other things form Sabon and am pretty addicted now. Very awesome and natural. The mask immediately only after one use cleans your skin so deeply and you will notice a different and vibrant complexion afterwards. LOVE IT!   Jennifer 5/28/12

This is the best mud mask ever !!! I love the smell and I actually feel an improvement on my skin every time I use it. I feel the mud clean my pores and my face seems less oily and I've never had such a clear face I hardly use make up anymore !   Hailey 5/2/12

Miraculous doesn't even begin to describe the mud mask. I have tried everything to clear up my skin, and the mud mask really worked. The properties from the dead sea combined with the cooling effects of the mud work together to suck out the dirt and toxins from deep within the skin. I use it once weekly and it's just amazing. My skin has never looked better!   Claire 4/30/12

This is the best mud mask... Better than the brand from Italy....the problem is every time I want to buy it, it's out of stock! Please bring more quantity...   Vicki 3/6/12

This product is one of the best products Sabon sells. Every time I go in the store they are sold out because it is so popular. It's a little on the expensive side for a face wash, but I can assure you that you are definitely getting your money's worth on this product. IT WORKS LIKE A DREAM! I swear by Sabon's products!   Kathryn 2/4/12

First of all. Best aromatherapy mask ever. Smells great, makes my skin feel great, and LOOK great. Dare I say... this is a holy grail item for me? This stuff really gets all nasties from my pores. If you haven't used a mask in a while or ever. This stuff will scare the hell out of you when you first use it. AHHHH! LOVE!   Jane 11/15/11

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