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Facial Moisture Lotion


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All Skin Types, Combination | 3.5 oz. | SKU# 800101
Our Bestselling Carrot Moisture Lotion presents a revolution in skin health. Enriched with Carrot Seed oil which is a potent anti-aging ingredient, this breakthrough moisturizer is super rich in Vitamin-E and Beta Carotene. These ingredients, straight from Mother Earth, form a powerful defense against sun damage and oxidization. Rich and creamy, it is nonetheless easily absorbed and non-greasy. An obvious choice for sensitive skin, cracked skin and dry skin. Recommended for normal/dry skin.
Using a few drops of Sabon Cleanser on a cotton ball, remove traces of make-up and excess, and open the pores. Next, squirt a few drops of Facial Wash into your palm and using a light circular motion, lather up and remove traces of dirt and oils from the face and neck. Rinse well. Use a few drops of Freshener on a cotton ball or pad to close the pores, previously opened by the Cleanser, and to get rid of any remaining traces of products or oils from the skin, especially on the t-zone. Complete your treatment with Moisture Lotion, which can also be used as a base for makeup.

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User Ratings & Reviews

Average Rating:

9 Reviews

This lotion has such a subtle scent and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth without being greasy. Highly recommend - I have dry skin but can get very oily in the summer and this works in both summer and winter, its amazing.    Jennie 2/10/14

I really like this cream. I got it as a graduation present a few years ago and the smooth texture and scent were wonderful. Felt nice on my skin too. I have slightly dry skin overall but am prone to acne breakouts and this cream didn't exacerbate any of my breakouts. I've since moved to anti-acne treatments but I still get this for friends. There was once when the scent smelled wrong (a little stale) but people at Sabon issued a full refund and Carrot scented stuff I've gotten after that have smelled fine.   Amy 11/30/13

I have been using this as my daily moisturizer for over 5 years now and pray Sabon never discontinues it. I'm 32 with normal to dry skin and it provides the perfect level of hydration for me. My skin immediately tightens up and feels dry after washing if I don't put moisturizer on right away. This goes on light and absorbs quickly and doesn't feel greasy or heavy. Within minutes I feel safe to put on make-up. Several friends who have tried it fall in love right away and want to know where to get it. Plus, it has a light and natural fragrance!   Farah 5/24/13

Ok, so I cannot stop raving about this product and Sabon in general! This moisturizer is an absolute charmer - does the work of moisturizing my skin and leaves a great scent. I have dry skin and so far this product has been able to quench my skin's thirst (without being greasy). I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a quality moisturizer without being too heavy on the wallet. I hope Sabon never discontinues this product. One thing, I would recommend is if Sabon includes some anti-aging ingredient in this product!    Aditi 3/22/13

I am undecided about this moisturizer. I really like the smell! However, the consistency of this cream is almost sticky, and im not sure if it is adding redness to my skin, or it could be something else. I much prefer the jojoba lotion!   Kirsty 11/17/12

I use this product RELIGOUSLY three times a day. I use it on my face, my giant scar on the front and back of my neck and my knee. Also, my growing stretch marks . I've been using this for about two weeks and I have noticed a difference. This is my favorite scent out of ALL the Sabon scents. It's very fresh and different and i love how it wakes me and my skin up in the morning! This is def a essential
For my every day ruetine and I don't go anywhere without it. I'm seriously obsessed.
   Kirsten 6/5/12

The carrot lotion is great! It does the trick to keep my skin soft and glowing. I use it after the face polisher!   Toni 5/5/12

I have tried la mer and bio-oil and nothing has made my skin feel better than Sabon moisturizer. i love Sabon products - makes my skin feel fresh. I highly recommand to give it a try ....   Harsha 4/29/12

I've been looking for a go-to winter moisturizer. Nothing had been quenching my skin's thirst, so I decided to give this a try. Not only does it smell fresh and clean, but it actually gives my skin a dewey glow. I love this stuff!    Elissa 2/18/12

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