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Foot Cream

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All Skin Types | 12.8 oz. | SKU# 800078
Indulge your hard working feet with this delicious combination of aroma-therapy oils and skin conditioners. Our foot lotion is enriched with antioxidants for a powerful reflexology experience that awakens your whole body. What's more- it contains anti-fungal camphor and menthol for freshness. Making feet happy everywhere. Recommended for all skin types. For more severe dryness in feet, use body butter.
Massage well into clean feet and ankles. For a more intense moisturizing effect- slip feet into socks after treatment, and leave on overnight.

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User Ratings & Reviews

Average Rating:

21 Reviews

Very well the best foot cream in the universe. My feet are soft and pampered like never before. I'll do without food before I do without this amazing stuff!   Linda 4/25/14

Very well the best foot cream in the universe. My feet are soft and pampered like never before. I'll do without food before I do without this amazing stuff!   Linda 4/25/14

This cream makes love to my feet. It is effective like no other and has an enchanting scent as well. My feet have come to life. Linda I. 4/10/14   Linda 4/11/14

My feet are now soft, conditioned and soothed by your amazing foot cream. The camphor and menthol oils remain to remind me that all of the amazing ingredients are at work to care for my feet as never before. I will not do without it! <3 Linda I. 4/10/14   Linda 4/11/14

The wonderful oils and fragrance sooth my feet like no other cream. I could not do without this treasure.   Linda 4/7/14

Never feels greasy, always super soft, even on hands!!!   Ronnie 11/4/13

Firstly, I love the minty fragrance and my feet love how this cream soothes. I put on every night and after shower in the am. Never had such soft and beautifully scented feet I wish this came in a talc so I could sprinkle in my shoes. Only need use a little amount of cream. Then I smooth over my hands never waste any of my product.    barbara 6/23/13

My feet are dry and scaly calloused and painful due to bilateral heel spurs. I on occasion use a device to remove dead dried skin which is ok. But this emolument of oils and soothing herbs really helps my tired feet. After application at night I raise my feet on two pillows and just relax ,my feet are so grateful for this product.   barbara 5/9/13

This foot cream is a great product! I put it on every morning before work. I have noticed a huge difference in my feet.   Becky 4/24/13

An absolutely amazing product - works very well! And the scent - OMG! While I was purchasing this product in the store, the lady who was helping me said that this product could be used anywhere on the body. Hence, I use it as a hand cream as well. I have been using this cream for about a week now, and I can already see the difference.    Aditi 3/22/13

I’m always barefoot or wearing sandals, so soft and nice looking feet is important. I used to have to go for pedicures to keep from calluses and dry skin, but Sabon’s foot cream works miracles, not to mention saving a lot from skipping expensive frequent pedicures. My daughter has recently commandeered my jar, and puts her foot cream on in the mornings before school to avoid smelly shoes. It actually works wonderfully for preventing foot odor, and keeps her shoes smelling fresh. I also love this cream because it works so well for that horrible feeling of burning feet. I just rub it on and my feet instantly cool off, feeling refreshed. I feel a bit silly going on and on about this foot cream, but it REALLY works! Just pay attention to how often it sells out when Sabon runs their online sales!    Maria 3/20/13

Love how it feels when it touches my skin. The consistency is very soft and creamy! I feel very relax after the first use. Very good product!   nina 3/20/13

I have used many, many, foot creams and lotions over the years, but nothing comes close to the quality of Sabon. I am amazed at it's capabilities. Thank you!   eileen 2/10/13

After wearing heels to work every day for years, I had given up hope on the heel and ball of my feet to ever be soft. This cream is a miracle in a jar. It has turned my calloused zones into soft healthy looking feet! It smells great and feels fantastic to massage in after a long day and a hot shower.    Leslie 8/14/12

Love it!! Just by applying it I start feeling relax and refresh!!   Jazmin 6/7/12

I use this foot cream three times a day RELIGOUSLY. It has a very fresh and renewing smell which is a plus.It is a tiny bit thick which I like because it's not too thick to where it's gross on my feet and just feels like a glob.. But not too thin to where its not doing its job and nourishing and making my feet feel soft. My boyfriend is such a manly man and would never use body cream or anything like that and I always catch him stealing this :p. I am also very picky on how things feel on my body and I seriously LOVE this and if I could 1-10 I'd rate am 11. :)

BTW - if you wanted to you could use this for your hands . This lotion has one of the best consistencies out of all the lotions I've felt at Sabon.
   Janine 6/5/12

I use this to massage my neck during a long day at work! It soothes tired muscles, too!   Stefanie 5/3/12

OMG! Just when I was losing hope of ever having soft feet, I came across Sabon's foot cream! My friend forgot it at my place and i've been hooked ever since!   Wei 5/2/12

I put this feet every night before I go to sleep and I wake up with baby soft feet. It's even better if you sleep with socks on   Sam 5/2/12

My feet feel like david said they smell great!   ilissa 5/1/12

My feet no longer smell bad!   David 4/26/12

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