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Olive Oil Soap


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All Skin Types | 1 oz. | SKU# 800214
"Would you rather choose to be tempted? Or be tempted to choose?" The business of Sabon was launched on the sheer popularity of these soaps. Based on olive oil and coconut oil, and containing a diversity of aromatic oils and herbs such as almond, calendula, rose, lemon, vanilla and lavender, to name a few, these soaps are as gentle and nurturing as soap can get. Choose to suit your skin type.
Sabon uses olives grown in Israel. Never aim for squeaky clean skin, as this means that all the natural oils have been stripped off the skin surface. No animal testing.
Choose your soap according to your skin type. Lather, enjoy. Rinse well. Keep soaps dry between use.

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User Ratings & Reviews

Average Rating:

11 Reviews

My skin has taken a beating this winter. It was as if the moisture has left my skin and had no plans of returning until spring. That all changed when I got the Patchouli Lavender Vanilla Olive Oil Soap, along with the Butter Scrub and the Carrot Body Scrub. My skin is like silk now. The transformation in just a matter of days has made me a Sabon Lifer! In addition, I suffer from Keratosis Pilaris, the chicken skin condition, where little red raised bumps form on the back of your arms and the front of your thighs. The soap alone has reduced the bumps so that they are barely visible and they arent raised! My arms and legs are completely smooth which has never been the case in my 27 years of life! I highly HIGHLY recommend these products, your skin will sing your praises!   Sue 3/3/14

Just Buy It Already!!! If you haven't had a chance to smell this soap just go for it! Love it!   Anthony 8/22/13

An Employee at the Greenwich location recommended this bar and I'm glad i took his advice. If you haven't had the chance to smell it just go for it. You won't be disappointed. Try the lemon and rosemary as well!   Anthony 8/22/13

best soap ever, I use it everywhere including my face and it actually helps my skin... It is literally the best soap I have ever used. My skin is amazing, so soft. EVERYONE NEEDS THIS!   Janee 6/20/13

This is my first bar of mud soap, and I love it. My skin is so soft and I love the scent. Weird, but it seems to calm me.    Pamela 6/17/13

I love this soap bar. It has a WONDERFUL scent and is extremely moisturizing! Everyone should try it!   Julie 6/2/13

Gives my face a deep clean feeling with no dryness!    Christy 3/7/13

I stumbled across this store while visiting NYC. Immediately I was taken by the display and great customer service. Initially my girlfriend and I stopped by to ask for directions and ended up buying products. We did a mini hand facial if you call it sampling the products. This soap was one of the few I bought and I will definitely be ordering more! I have a bad eczema problem and this soap has completely eliminated the eczema I have been trying to rid on my shoulders and neck. Not to mention it's a great face soap as well. I'm very picky about skin products as I have very sensitive skin and I am thoroughly happy to have found Sabon!!!   Alicia 12/10/12

i love the earthy scent to this soap, and as typical bar soaps tend to dry out my skin, this bar soap is different. It still lathers like a regular bar soap but the olive oil also moisturizes. This soap gives my skin a deep clean that I havent experienced with any other brand of soap. It leaves my skin smooth and clean without leaving any residue. My skin type changes with the seasons, but this soap is great for all skin types. I finally found a bar soap that I LOVE!   Michelle 5/26/12

This is the product I attribute my great skin to. I have been washing my face with mud soap for 6 years and I swear by this product. I used to spend a lot of money on expensive face washes and other products. Then one day when I was buying my favorite PLV body scrub, a sales assistant recommended me this soap for my skin and I took a chance because of how reasonable it costs. Plus she sliced it from a huge, fresh bar, to the exact size that I wanted! And 6 years later I am still using this soap. I am sharing my secret to good skin, so trust me and buy a chunk of this soap!    Rosa 4/28/12

I was a little skeptical at buying this product because of the smell and because I have extremely sensitive skin. But I am so glad I did. As soon as I rinsed my face..I noticed a huge change. My skin was so smooth and my pores refined. A great buy for all skin types !   Sabrina 3/19/12

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