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Body Scrub

Lemon Mint

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All Skin Types | 21.2 oz. | SKU# 800056
The Lemon Mint Body Scrub brings even dry or damaged skin to life. This exfoliating body scrub clears away dead skin cells to allow your skin's natural beauty to shine through. Begin using the product just twice a week, and you will see the transformation in no time. The mix of deep sea salt and other natural ingredients makes the removal of dead skin a gentle and nonabrasive process. Macadamia is the true secret to Sabon body scrubs' exceptional results. The palmitoleic acid found in Macadamia oil is also a natural component of our skin. When used as a supplement, it helps the skin rediscover its youth and smoothness. No other product harnesses the skin's own native properties in this natural and effective way. Regardless of your complexion or your age, the Lemon Mint Body Scrub lends your skin a pleasing lemony scent and lets your whole body beam like a ray of sunshine.
Give it a good stir before use, as the salts tend to settle at the base. Use on the body only, neck and down. Wash with soap first, then apply a scoopful on to the skin, massage in a circular motion using your fingertips. Rinse well. Recommended for use twice weekly. Beauty Tip: Apply pre-shower for a radiant glow.

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User Ratings & Reviews

Average Rating:

9 Reviews

This is the best scrub in my life. I live in Las Vegas, there is no Sabon store, so I couldn't try this product before. I just chose this scrub. Smell is just okay. Natural. not so strong.
I use this product twice per week since 4 months. My body is so soft and moisture after I use this scrub. I strongly recommend this product!
   Sumin 3/24/14

Loved the feeling after I was out of the shower. Left my skin feeling more clean than it had with any regular body wash. My skin is soft and I can still smell the lemon mint. MMM!!! A must try!   Elizabeth 10/3/13

This is one of my five "stranded on a desert island" wishes. I discovered it with winter-weathered knuckles and haven't had that problem since. Also, it smells absolutely fresh and amazing. This is my favorite scent, followed up with the Lavender Apple Body Butter. Can't beat the combination.   Alexa 12/27/12

Sabon's Lemon Mint Scrub leaves my skin softly scented and silky. It's perfect for year round use, but I particularly love it when my skin is feeling dry. When I use the Lemon Mint Scrub, people invariably ask what scent I'm wearing!   Marisa 11/27/12

This was the first product that I ever bought from Sabon and I am in love with it. It has nice scent which is bright and uplifting. The scrub leaves my skin incredibly soft! It is unbelievable how great it is! I am always stocked on this product! A must buy!   Olivia 8/7/12

This Lemon Mint Scrub...Oh My Oh My!!! One of my favorite sents in the entire store. It is so refreshing. I love using it especially when I wake up in the morning it wakes me up a whole lot and it makes my body so soft. The esential oils in it are amazing.    Kaya 5/3/12

This Lemon Mint Scrub has been add to my "Must Always Have" list of products, after receiving jar of it. There is nothing you wouldn't love about this scrub. It has a captivating shade of sea green, the married scent of lemon and mint gives you a feeling of euphoria and your skin is smooth, soft and radiant after you indulge your skin with this scrub. This Lemon Mint scrub makes an excellent and memorable gift. I am fortunate to be introduced to such a luxurious product.    Shawnette 1/2/12

Out of all the Body Scrubs I've sampled the only one I truly love is Lemon Mint. It's a unique pair that really wakes me up and leaves me refreshed - I even leave it in my clothes drawer so my shirt can have that smell. Take a shower with it on a summer day and the mint's cooling sensation leaves me just that - a cooling sensation! Take a shower with it on a winter day the lemon-y smell kicks my behind into gear! Love it!   Alyssia 12/28/11

I don't know how this works, and I don't care how it works. But, it's like MAGIC. I had a chance to try this product when I visited NYC about a month ago, and I just could not stop touching my hand. So, I came back to D.C. and ordered some. It smells wonderful, and it leaves my skin so soft and smooth. This is definitely a home-spa must item. I hope you all get to give it a try!    Kelly 12/15/11

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