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Wooden Scoop

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N/A | 0 oz. | SKU# 800404
This dainty scoop is a perfect measure to dispense your scrubs and salts. Leave it in the jar between uses.

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User Ratings & Reviews

Average Rating:

4 Reviews

I use this scrub, with its longer handle to get mineral powder for baths. But it's too long to fit inside a body scrub jar. I was lucky enough to pick up the original shorter scoops which fit inside the body scrub jar. But even if it doesn't fit inside the jar, I'd still recommend using the scoop over your fingers for the body scrub - there's less contamination this way and the idea of some of the scrub lodging itself under my nails is a little uncomfortable. Overall, I'd recommend.   Amy 11/25/12

This scoop is so necessary for my scrubs! How else will I mix and measure out my glorious scrub?! A must for every scrub you own!   David 4/28/12

i forgot to mention that because it is made of wood, it is porous & if left in jar, it absorbs the fragrance. I have one for each flavor I use, as it is necessary to use a scoop so not to get H2o into the jar, which happens when using just your fingers over & over. It loses the purity.   lisa 3/31/12

a must have for the scrubs in tub jars & perfect measurement for each application.   lisa 3/31/12

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