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Loofah Soap Pouch


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3.2 oz. | SKU# 800403
This double sided sponge has a pouch to insert your soap so that you can lather up as you exfoliate. It's fleecy and soft on the one side, perfect for a full body lather, and textured on the other for full body polish.
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By Amy| November 28th, 2013

This loofah does a great job of balancing gentle cleansing with a nice scrubbing feel. I had some difficulty getting a good lather with bars of soap though (had to wet the loofah quite a bit before hand). Using with sabon's shower oil was fine though. Would also be nice if there were a handle attached to reach my back easier. But all in all, this does its job quite well.

By Clarissa| April 28th, 2012

The loofah is amazing! There is a little pouch in the middle that I put a bar of soap in. It lathers and exfoliates at the same time! The soap tends to last longer in the loofah. When I finish a bar of soap I also put some shower gel in and it works perfectly too. I love that there are two sides to choose from. Great product!

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