Recycle with Sabon & Save!

As Sabon continues its efforts to be environmentally conscious in all parts of our business, we’re proud to introduce a new program that’ll help you reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your favorite Sabon products.

When you bring in an empty Sabon bottle, jar, or other container that was once filled with our all-natural products, you’ll receive 10% of the same product that was in the Sabon container you returned.

For example, return an empty vanilla body scrub jar for recycling and you’ll receive 10% off a new body scrub jar of the same size. The discount is valid on Sabon full line of products. It doesn't matter what you’re out of, we’ll accept the empty container and give you 10% off a replacement product.

Here’s even better news: This discount is valid for as many Sabon containers you want to return each visit – you’ll receive 10% off the same item for each bottle brought in. Bring in 10 empty containers, save 10% on 10 new Sabon products. That’s like scoring a full-size product absolutely free!

We’re very excited for this new policy – yep, it’s a policy, not just a promotion – because we’re always thinking of ways to enhance our eco-friendly efforts and provide our customers with special savings.

Some other ways we honor our commitment to this beautiful planet we live on include:

  • Sourcing our cardboard and glass from recycled materials from Israel.
  • Recycling cardboard and glass in all our stores. The New York Sanitation Department picks up our recyclables twice a week.
  • Shipping products from our headquarters in Israel to New York City strictly by sea. Sabon never sends shipments via air.

And we’re always looking for additional ways to cut back on waste and make this world a better place. If you have any ideas on how we can further our green efforts, leave a comment below or e-mail us directly at We read every message we receive so we can be the best Sabon we can be for our customers.


We look forward to seeing you in a Sabon Boutique soon. Don’t forget to bring in your empty jar, bottle, or other container so you can receive 10% off a replacement product today.