When it comes to home décor, finding something that makes the room a little extra special always seems to make it more desirable. Nothing beats your own personal touch. Bathrooms are one of the few places you can always let your creative freedoms fly; you just need the right accessories to do so!

After you’ve decided on a color scheme and the ever difficult shower curtain selection, it’s time to pay attention to the finer details. The colors and patterns of Sabon handmade soaps are all appealing to the eye, but there are also soaps made that seem to specifically have design in mind.

The Madonna Soap is practically a symbol for beauty. A bar of this would sit quite nicely on a shelf or gift basket. Accentuated with a couple of Small Hearts and a bar of Decorate Soap, you’ll be giving your bathroom a signature style.

Since Sabon has so many Glycerine soaps to choose from, add a touch of color to the mix with a bar that matches the rest of the room. The added bonus of your new motif is the magnificent smell the soaps will emanate. This could be your smartest and most cost efficient room element yet.

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