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Scientific Evidence Supports Positive Effects of Jasmine

By Sabon NYC | March 7th, 2013 10:41am | 0 Comments

Jasmine Flowers

Recent scientific research has found the scent of Jasmine to induce mood enhancing effects such as relaxation, anxiety relief and sleep induction.

According to the “Journal of Biological Chemistry”, researchers tested hundreds of fragrances on both humans and mice to see how they affected the function of GABA (a neurotransmitter that aids to induce calming effects). The fragrance of Jasmine was the strongest in amping up GABA response, similar to the effects of the common drug Valium. “Applications in sedation, anxiety, excitement and aggression relieving treatment and sleep induction therapy are all imaginable. The results can also be seen as evidence of a scientific basis for aromatherapy”, Bochum Professor Hanns Hatt said in a statement.

It is rather (and unfortunately) common for us to suffer from feelings of anxiety, sleep deprivation, stress and the like. If you happen to experience these kinds of symptoms, we recommend you try this natural remedy before turning to synthetic solutions (such as over-the-counter or prescription medicine).

The use of essential oils and aromatherapy as a form of medicine is dated all the way back to the eleventh century. The efficacy of these methods continues to be supported by scientific research today.

We invite you to discover the beneficial effects of this calming fragrance. Jasmine is one of our favorite fragrances, proudly offered as its own line in the collection, including: Deep Exfoliating Body Salt Scrub, The Body Gel Polisher (a daily body exfoliator), Moisturizing Shower Oil, Deep Nourishing Body Lotions, Sorbet Body Gel (a light weight cooling moisture lotion) and Eau de Toilette Perfume.

Jasmine is also the chosen scent of our entire Hair Care Line, made from natural plant extracts found only in the Amazon Rainforest.

Sometimes finding relief is as simple as awarding oneself with personal time, away from any distractions or noise. The Shower (and Bath) makes for a great escape. Try it. Take this time for yourself to slow down, pay attention to your breath and enjoy what the gift of the senses have to offer in this moment.

You may be pleasantly surprised.

How to Keep Your Skin Fresh this Winter

By Sabon NYC | December 5th, 2012 3:52pm | 0 Comments

                    How to Keep Your Skin Fresh this SummerHow to Keep Your Skin Fresh this SummerHow to Keep Your Skin Fresh this Summer

It’s a battle every year: the cold weather sweeps in and we’re forced to deal with dry, flaky skin. It’s itchy, uncomfortable, and it looks even worse than it feels. While dry skin can start as a small annoyance, if left untreated it can sometimes lead to dermatitis, a more severe condition characterized by red, bumpy skin inflammation.

Fortunately, most dry skin arises from external causes – like cold weather – and can be nicked with topical care. Here are a few guidelines for ensuring your skin is well taken care of.

  1. Shower sensibly. Long showers can be lovely, but if you stand in the stream for too long while the water is hot, your morning ritual could be working against you. Hot water will wash away the oils your skin already produces. Also, don’t overuse soap when you bathe – it will rob you of soft skin even faster.
  2. Not too wet, not too dry. When you rub on lotion, be sure that your skin is damp before application to work along with the product. As soon as you hop out of the shower is best – your pours will be open and you’ll be wet all over. Just pat down the dry areas of skin before you slather on anything. You’ll trap the moisture better that way.
  3. Use natural products. It’s important to use lotions that are based on natural ingredients. Oils with natural origins are best to gently saturate your skin. Sabon’s body butter is a good choice for especially thirsty skin. It uses a natural triumvirate: shea butter, cocoa butter, and bees’ wax.
  4. Don’t scratch. Even when it seems impossible, you can’t claw at your skin during dry air (and dry skin) season. Itching will only further irritate your skin. Don’t prolong the problem; treat it.
  5. Exfoliate! Especially in the winter, exfoliating is very important. Dry winter skin is the result of dry skin cell build up. As we tend to releive this with only applying heavy creams, many of us forget that the most important ritual to healthy skin is to first exfoliate the dry skin away! Increase your exfoliation routine this season to remove the dead skin cells, and then moisturize the new cells, resulting in healthier, moister skin! Try our Body Scrubs, which we reccommend using 2-3 times per week. This will enhance the skins glow with immediate results!


Your skin is your biggest, most vulnerable organ. As cold weather creeps closer and closer, take good care of your skin so you can look and feel better!

Go Green at Sabon and SAVE!

By Sabon NYC | September 24th, 2012 2:02pm | 12 Comments

Recycle with Sabon & Save!

As Sabon continues its efforts to be environmentally conscious in all parts of our business, we’re proud to introduce a new program that’ll help you reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your favorite Sabon products.

When you bring in an empty Sabon bottle, jar, or other container that was once filled with our all-natural products, you’ll receive 10% of the same product that was in the Sabon container you returned.

For example, return an empty vanilla body scrub jar for recycling and you’ll receive 10% off a new body scrub jar of the same size. The discount is valid on Sabon full line of products. It doesn't matter what you’re out of, we’ll accept the empty container and give you 10% off a replacement product.

Here’s even better news: This discount is valid for as many Sabon containers you want to return each visit – you’ll receive 10% off the same item for each bottle brought in. Bring in 10 empty containers, save 10% on 10 new Sabon products. That’s like scoring a full-size product absolutely free!

We’re very excited for this new policy – yep, it’s a policy, not just a promotion – because we’re always thinking of ways to enhance our eco-friendly efforts and provide our customers with special savings.

Some other ways we honor our commitment to this beautiful planet we live on include:

  • Sourcing our cardboard and glass from recycled materials from Israel.
  • Recycling cardboard and glass in all our stores. The New York Sanitation Department picks up our recyclables twice a week.
  • Shipping products from our headquarters in Israel to New York City strictly by sea. Sabon never sends shipments via air.

And we’re always looking for additional ways to cut back on waste and make this world a better place. If you have any ideas on how we can further our green efforts, leave a comment below or e-mail us directly at We read every message we receive so we can be the best Sabon we can be for our customers.


We look forward to seeing you in a Sabon Boutique soon. Don’t forget to bring in your empty jar, bottle, or other container so you can receive 10% off a replacement product today.

Around the World Without a Shave

By Sabon NYC | September 13th, 2012 4:54pm | 0 Comments


Gentleman: You’re abroad and it’s somewhere terribly exotic. Let’s call it Country X. As smart traveler (and since the TSA has sucked every drop of joy out of flying), you packed light. You’re positive that you’ve got everything you need for your business trip/vacation/miscellaneous excursion. Bathing suit? Check. Passport photocopy? Check. Phrasebook with everything you haven’t needed to say so far? Check.

Time to get ready for your first night on the town. You’ve shaken off your jetlag with eleven cups of joe and a cold splash on your... Oh, no!

Your face, you realize, is stubbly and ragged – and not in that sexy, crime-fighter-who’s-too-busy-battling-evil-to-shave sort of way. Your cheeks are in prickly-haired limbo, somewhere between studied nonchalance and downright sloppiness. You realize that, as long as you look like a boxcar hobo, your chance of making new friends while your tongue clumsily navigates the local language is close to nil.

To make things worse, you forgot your shaving kit. Not that you could have brought a can of shaving cream on the plane anyway – you know, national security, Threat-Level Purple, and all that.

You call the front desk from the hotel phone, which is just a notch above a two tin cans linked by string. (Oh, the charms of Country X.) You earnestly bumble in a foreign language, and while you’re not sure of what’s being said on the other end of the “phone,” you discern two things: they’re laughing at you not with you, and you won’t be getting that shaving cream anytime soon. Think. Ah, there’s soap in the bathroom – you hope it’s soap, anyway – but it’ll prove no match for your face-forest. Not if you want to avoid waking with an eruption of red, angry skin the next day. And you’re in Country X for a week. Oh, God, a week.

Woe is you all right. But permit us to ponder how you could have prevented your mug of misfortune.

Sabon has more than 130 locations across the globe – from New York City to Tokyo and lots of locations in between. If you’ve got a personal grooming problem, we’ve got the solution. Our products use the finest natural ingredients to spoil those with discerning taste for their daily rituals.

Lucky for you, ye of little patience and moisturizer, the Sabon Men’s Travel Kit comes with Hand cream, Shaving Cream, and a zesty Aftershave. The Shaving Cream is based on white tea oil, an ingredient that is renowned for its ability to repair skin cells. It’s also packed with shea butter, which hydrates your skin, as well as grape seed oil and jojoba oil to leave your face feeling soft. Our Aftershave, which is also white tea oil based, soothes with a dash of refreshing chamomile, while the kit’s hand lotion is packed with vitamins E and C for strong, healthy skin.

For a smooth shave that’ll save your face and your sanity, the Sabon Men’s Travel Kit, which only weighs 1.4 oz. (small enough to legally pop it in your carry-on luggage so you can stick your tongue out at TSA), should be on your travel checklist.

Sabon Official Video

By Sabon NYC | September 4th, 2012 2:03pm | 1 Comments

Take a peek at the SABON NYC Official Video.


Directed, Filmed and Edited by Barak Rotem 


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