Love and respect for the environment goes far beyond our choice to recycle, how we use water and how we view our energy bills. We can make active choices every day, especially when it comes to our skincare. Many of us are continually searching for the very best organic cosmetics. From eye lifting serums to foot creams, our awareness of the quality inherent in these products cause us to turn to them for our skin. But let’s look a little closer at what makes certified organic cosmetics so highly effective while helping to protect the environment and preserving our planet’s resources. Here are a few things that set these products apart from competing cosmetics:

Choice of Ingredients Certified organic cosmetics are created through a process that pays extraordinary attention to each element. Free from synthetics or animal extracts, these skincare formulas contain a minimum of 95% natural plant resources and 10% or more of approved organic ingredients. Oftentimes the extracts used are from medicinal plants that have unique healing or nurturing properties. As a result you, the user, benefit from organic cosmetic products that are created from the highest quality ingredients that are free from preservatives or other synthetic components. If you have allergies or very sensitive skin, using organic products can help alleviate or even eliminate the reactions you otherwise have to chemicals or other unnatural additives in other cosmetics.

Production Process:The process of making certified organic cosmetics is strictly monitored. Each formula is supervised from the first drop through to the moment when containers are filled. Extraction methods, packaging and even waste management, follow procedures that are environmentally friendly. A good example of this is how active ingredients are extracted for natural organic cosmetics using green methods such as cold pressed plants. There are many advantages for users of any products that practice an environmentally sound and organic production process. In addition to the knowledge that what you buy contributes to a healthier planet you also receive a final product that has endured stringent manufacturing rules and guidelines before reaching your skin. organic-essentialsQuality Testing All cosmetics products may go through extensive quality controls, but certified organic cosmetics are truly in a league of their own. At Sabon, for example, the new line of organic products bear the French ECOCERT® standard. This standard shows you that each lotion, scrub or serum meets exceptional organic requirements for everything from ingredients, production process through to packaging. The advantages of strict quality testing are obvious. But because certified organic cosmetics that bear the ECOCERT® standard contain up to 90% natural ingredients concentrated product where you can apply less to achieve the desired effect, compared with the corresponding non-organic product.

Packaging In a time where most of us already recycle, it should be natural for all manufacturers to use green packaging. Certified organic cosmetics always use packaging that is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and that can be recycled. At Sabon all organic products come in containers that can be reused and recycled. For example, Sabon’s organic body scrub is an incredibly popular product that comes in a glass jar that will look good reused on your bathroom shelf or that can easily be recycled. Sabon’s stores even accepts these jars and bottles to be recycled when customers are not able to do so themselves.

Whether you think the greatest advantage of using organic cosmetics comes from the effect on your skin or the effect on our environment, you know you receive uncompromising quality and perfection. By choosing certified organic cosmetics you choose a path that can make a huge difference to your body, mind and soul while taking care of our planet.

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