Summer is full of relaxation and fun in the sun. Vacations, barbecues, and lots of well deserved rest outside are at the top of your list. No matter what you’re doing, it’s always nice to cool down every once in a while—and ice cream is synonymous with cooling down in the summer heat.

It’s not as if you really need an excuse for ice cream, but if you need some evidence, you should probably try it out first hand. Why not give the same relief to your skin? After spending a day in the dry hot sun, serve your skin some Sorbet Body Gel, and then make yourself an ice cream cone from the freezer.

The cooling effects of this luscious gel will have your skin feeling aloe vera refreshed and radiant—with 100% less calories! Best of all, the light and non-greasy gel won’t leave your skin feeling sticky in the summer heat. Our breakthrough formula contains avocado and palm tree oil for superior skin health.

Tropic Sorbet Body Gel will have your skin feeling pleased as sorbet punch. Also available in ginger orange, vanilla coconut, lemon basil, and lavender fragrances for all your summer needs!

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