Sponge away impurities with our lemon Loofah Soap. The loofah is more soothing than traditional soap, and gives your skin better results. This only happens, though, if you remember to use it. And if you’ve ever felt the freezing water a loofah holds from hanging in your shower, you’ll know that sometimes using one is not as easy as it sounds. Enter the Loofah Soap combination—no more freezing water, and a quicker and better exfoliation for your skin.

The lemon scent is clean and refreshing, and your skin will appreciate the new found softness. First, wet the soap until it is soft enough to lather between your hands. Then apply it to wet skin over any spots that need exfoliating. Knees, elbows, and feet are great for this product. Gently scrub away the impurities while maintaining a comfortable smoothness. Rinse well once you’re done to remove any excess soap left behind.

Loofah Soap is also available in Amber, Lychee, and Lavender scents if you’ve already got the Lemon taken care of. Add to the life of your loofah by keeping it dry between showers. Sea sponges are also a great idea for guys, as it takes away the need for two products. Just lather and go.

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