Look your skin straight in the face by using Sabon’s Aloe Cleanser. A light, gentle cleanser that is perfect for everyday use for removing makeup. The fresh fragrance is highly invigorating as it is packed with Aloe. Aloe is known for its soothing, softening and healing properties.  Sabon’s face cleansers are protein-enriched and hypo-allergenic and recommended for normal/dry skin or sensitive skin. aloe-cleanserFor a clear and healthy complexion Sabon’s Face polish is the fastest track to impeccably smooth skin! This cream-based wash carries a delicate mint fragrance that has tiny micro scrubbing beads for light exfoliating. Polish the face twice weekly to stimulate circulation and maintain an even tone. Pure ingredients include Mint oil, natural antiseptic and the combination of lemongrass to refresh and recharge the skin, while Glycerin protects the skin from moisture loss. Just use a few drops of Sabon’s Cleanser on a cotton ball, and lightly massage face in a circular motion, lather up and remove traces of dirt and oils from the face and t-zone area. Complete your pampering with Sabon’s Moisture Lotion, which can also be used as a base for makeup.

Another lavish Sabon creation is the Jojoba Facial wash that provides thorough cleansing that is gentle enough to be used daily. The balancing properties make the facial wash an ideal choice for combination skin.

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