We all know you are more than just a pretty face. But often the first thing anybody notices about you is just that – your face. Maintaining a healthy and youthful complexion despite being exposed to the elements every day can be a challenge. However, with the right beauty treatments and nourishing routines you can boast a beautiful face for years to come. The best place to start is usually on the inside. In order to have radiant, healthy skin, you need to make sure you eat right. Nutritious foods, including plenty of vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins and fish that are rich in Omega 3, will do wonders for your complexion. Water is also crucial for clear, supple skin; six to eight glasses per day is a good measure to keep if you want to maintain a bright, pretty face. Needless to say, cutting out cigarettes and reducing your alcohol consumption is necessary if you want to eliminate dehydrating elements from your intake. When it comes to face beauty tips, nothing matters more than maintaining a healthy lifestyle all around. Make sure you add in enough exercise into your weekly schedule to keep a healthy circulation. It is good to remember that transpiration is one of the best, natural beauty treatments around; it is your body’s own way to push toxins and pollutants out of your pores. Also highly relevant is your sleep; making sure you get enough restful hours any day and night is the ABC of beautiful skin. Moving on to the outside, knowing your skin type can be essential when it comes to choosing the right cleansing and toning products for your face. If you are unsure of whether your skin is oily, normal, dry or mixed, ask a skin care specialist for advice – even if it takes a little bit of your time, it pays big dividends to use the right products and follow the right regimen.When you know your skin type, start by choosing a gentle exfoliating emulsion.

Creambased products, such as the Sabon’s Face Polisher, use tiny beads to buff away surface impurities and imperfections. Since you are revealing younger, beautiful skin through exfoliation, you want to make sure you choose a facial scrub that moisturizes.  Dryness is a healthy complexion’s greatest enemy. FacePolisherT The next step is your facial cleanser, wash and freshener or toner. Again, let your skin type be the decider when you choose your beauty treatments. If you can, choose cleansing products that contain Vitamin A and E since these help promote youthful skin. FaceMask_AandET For a full routine, start with cleanser on a cotton ball to remove make-up and daily grime while opening up your pores. Lather up with your wash and rinse carefully. Complete with a few drops of freshener or toner to close the pores and remove any final residue.

Moisture is key to any beautiful face. To maintain a supple, bright complexion you need to pick a moisturizer that does the job. Try to choose products that replenish your skin’s natural essential oils, lotions and creams that contain macadamia oil are always good to look out for. If you want to incorporate a serum to your routine, apply it before your moisturizer.

The final, yet possibly the most important step, in your daily beauty treatments is protection. Sunscreen is a must, and choose one that has SPF30 or higher to prevent sun damage.

Beautiful skin is always healthy skin. This means that you need to take care of yourself from the inside out to keep your face beautiful. Make sure to think about your skin every day.

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