Always start by going through your closet for the perfect outfit and pair it up with some stylish shoes like a pair of Jimmy Chos or your newest pair of Manolo Blahniks. If you’re indecisive, leave a few outfits and shoes out on your bed and make the final decision when you’re ready to actually get dressed.

But before you do anything, make sure your purse is ready. Switch from your giant daytime bag to your glamorous much smaller nighttime purse. Fill it with all the necessities—gum/mints, cell phone, money, ID, make-up, condoms, keys and anything else you might need. Always make sure to pack as light as possible, though.

If you’re in a rush, go for a shower. But, if you have a leisurely hour or two before you head out, opt for a luxurious bath. My favorite thing to do is to throw in a Sabon Lilac Bath Ball or a dash of Lavender Bath Foam—it’s light and not overpowering and you can still dab on some perfume later. With a shower, you can use some hand-milled soap to smooth your skin and have a delicate scent—go for Bamboo, Grass, Green Tea soaps from Sabon. While you’re drying off, wash your face with Aloe Vera Cleanser, apply Seaweed Cleanser to a cotton ball to remove the remaining dirt and put some Seaweed Moisture Lotion to your face and Eye Cream under your eyes. Brush your teeth, apply your makeup and you’re done.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect outfit and have it on, add some jewelry and accessories like some faux flowers in your hair, a jeweled headband or a simple barrette. Understated is always best so everyone will be eyeing your clothes and more importantly your shoes. Dab a few drops of perfume on your neck and behind your ears, and you’re ready for a night on the town. Check your purse one last time to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything like your lipstick or eyeliner. And if you’re going to be walking a lot, you might want to throw in a pair of flats.

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