The Sabon Creamy Scrub in luxurious Patchouli is a remarkably tender scrub for mild, daily body exfoliation. Even the most sensitive skin can enjoy a healthy glow thanks to the natural ingredients in this intelligent, cream-based rejuvenator. Ground peach kernels and crushed olive seeds make for a very natural, gentle and nourishing body exfoliation treat that also cleanses without drying. Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that combat ageing, the Sabon Creamy Scrub infused with Patchouli is also one of the most heavenly exfoliating body scrubs around; apply it to your wet skin using a circular motion and rinse for a truly revitalizing experience. The earthy, exotic scent of Patchouli creates an aromatic environment that is soothing and tranquil, where you can enjoy a wonderful sense of well being while invigorating and energizing your skin. Age and skin type do not matter when it comes to the nutrients and natural benefits of this scrub. Whether you are looking for the gentlest of exfoliating body scrubs, or seek to add a touch of the loveliest exotic Patchouli fragrance to your daily beauty regimen, this exquisite body exfoliation solution has the power to refresh your skin and reinvigorate all your senses every day. Enjoy Smooth Skin with the Delicate Sabon Creamy Scrub Patchouli

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