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How to Improve Skin: 3 Strategies to Help You Feel Better

Posted by admin  |  Apr 14, 2009 8:25:08 PM

There are three key avenues to healthy, youthful, beautiful skin; they include controlling your exposure to sunlight, watching what you eat, and treating your skin with effective products such as body scrubs.

1. Sun skin protection

It is never too late to start protecting your skin from sun damage. Sunlight promotes your overall health in many ways, most importantly by enhancing your mood (ask any Norwegian during the winter months what her mood is like without the sun).

Unfortunately, though, the sun’s rays are also one of the most damaging and age-accelerating things you can expose your skin to. However, by simply making sunscreen part of your morning routine you (and your skin) can enjoy all the benefits of fun in the sun without any of its drawbacks.

2. Food for healthy skin

Believe it or not, the foods that you eat can affect the quality of your skin as well. Eating healthy foods not only improves your health but it helps you achieve a smooth glowing complexion. Eating foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants is an effective way to keep your skin healthy and looking radiant.

Foods such as fish, walnuts, eggs, and leafy green vegetables will all improve your complexion by giving your skin the ingredients it needs to become as soft and smooth as possible. Vitamins A and E also lead to better skin, making foods such as carrots, broccoli, spinach, and almonds essential for achieving that silky smooth sensation.

3. Remove dead skin

BodyScrub_Musk_LT The easiest and most effective route to good skin is eliminating the dead skin cells and the dirt that inevitably accumulates on the surface of your skin during the course of the day.

This necessary cleansing process requires natural body scrubs in order for the desired results to be achieved. These high-quality scrubs clean out pores and get rid of dead skin cells.

This exfoliating process then reveals the healthier layers of skin that lies beneath the dead skin and the grime, giving your skin a radiant shine, reinvigorating your whole body, and returning that youthful glow to your appearance. Ashiness, freckling, and the damage inflicted by extended exposure to sunlight can all greatly be reduced if you stick to a regular body scrub regimen.

More than just reversing damages to the skin, body scrubs also increase skin elasticity. This means your skin will actually become younger and firmer as you continue to follow your body scrub routine. Body scrubs also come with the added, unique advantage of allowing you to reap all the benefits of aromatherapy. The scent of the Lavender body scrub, for example, gives you a warm relaxed feeling in your mind and your body and when this feeling is combined with the body scrub’s exfoliating properties, complete satisfaction is the result. Think of every application of a body scrub as a virtual escape to the spa.

How do you improve you skin?

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5 Unforgettable Places To Shop In NYC

Posted by admin  |  Apr 14, 2009 8:17:34 PM

New York City is truly a shopping Mecca. Nowhere else in the world can you find such a diverse range of department stores, boutiques and designer shops, selling everything from fragrance to fashion. Whether you like to stroll down narrow cobbled streets in search of unique shopping experiences, or are more in favor of a direct approach (outpost stores where you can enter, find nearly everything you need, buy it, and leave), some of the best places to shop in NYC are definitely here:

FAO Schwarz

Forever emblazoned in the minds of anyone who saw the movie ‘Big’ starring Tom Hanks, and still one of the most popular destinations for children, the toy store FAO Schwartz is indeed a must see. Three full floors are packed with toys, games, stuffed animals, books – everything you could ever imagine – and display an atmosphere unlike any shop you have ever been to. Great to bring your kids to, or even relive your childhood, there’s no excuse not to come here for your toy fix. And it’s right next to the Apple Store, on the south east end of Central Park, so it’s impossible to miss.


Elegant, luxurious and full of the finest bath and body products you have ever seen, Sabon is a must-visit shopping destination in New York City for anyone who appreciates exquisite beauty items. Here you will discover everything from an indulgent creamy body scrub range to sensual reed diffusers, elegantly tucked away inside a décor that is the perfect mix of rustic charm and utmost sophistication. Surprisingly affordable, every product is made from lovely ingredients sourced in all corners of the world, from Israel to Provence. You will have everything from mint to patchouli to choose from as you survey the wide selection of scents and flavors inside the premier products on display. While there are many Sabon stores in New York City, the boutique located in Greenwich Village (on 6th Avenue between 9th and 10th Street) is the first shop to open its doors in America, and well worth a visit. You will also find these wonderful stores in Midtown, UWS, UES, Chelsea, Soho and even New Jersey.


This Japanese design store is acclaimed all over the world for its ‘unbranded’ products, ranging from stationery to kitchenware to clothing. Their minimalist designs are incredibly elegant and undeniably cool, and you’ll see all the trendsetters here picking up everything from cardboard iPod speakers to a memory foam pillow. After years of being exclusively sold at the MoMA stores, New York City received two MUJI stores recently, one in Soho – on Broadway near Canal St. – and the flagship store in Times Square, in the lobby of the New York Times Building.

Jacques Torres

Anyone with a sweet tooth knows that there are some definite chocolate shop destinations in New York City, the most prominent of them all perhaps Jacques Torres. In Jacques Torres stores you can not only sample and buy your favorite sweets, you can also enjoy watching them being made – right before your hungry eyes. Fans of recycled tools and machines will be thrilled to see cacao treats here are produced using just that, old-fashioned and recycled chocolate machines. Don’t miss the store on 350 Hudson at King Street (only one block south of Houston).

Kid Robot

When it comes to artsy NYC Soho shops, few places beat the specialty store Kid Robot. Head here for all your keychain, art toy, clothing or other tasteful and strange goods, you will not be disappointed by what you find. Artistic items inspired by music such as hip-hop and techno, and clothing that rocks, are sure to make you want to come back for more. Whatever your dream NYC shopping destination looks and feels like, there is a plethora of shops and boutiques to choose from in this world-class metropolis. Apart from these mentioned here, this city is sprinkled with noteworthy places to discover.

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Reasons For Buying vs. Making Body Scrubs

Posted by admin  |  Apr 9, 2009 8:11:37 PM

It doesn’t matter how old you are and what lifestyle you lead – everything from work, living environment, diet, and stress can take its toll on your appearance. Nowhere else on your body does this show more clearly than your skin. As the pressures of busier and busier lives increase, more and more of us are reaching out for the best body therapies and scrubs to enhance how our skin looks and feels. Meanwhile, some argue that instead of buying these products we should make them at home. Here are 5 reasons you should be buying your body scrubs instead of making your own:

1. Time

The optimistic view that it is easy to ‘whip up’ a body scrub at home often leads to disappointment. While some of us are great at cooking, baking, sowing and doing all sorts of crafts, most of us have never prepared our very own beauty products. What may at first seem like a fabulous idea may soon turn into frustration and stress when your kitchen is covered in sticky salt and oil residue. Also, the time it takes to identify your ingredients, buy them, prepare them, blend them and then clean up after your experimental venture, can be very taxing. Not to mention the time it will take until you know if your scrub will give results– since you are making it yourself you are also the first one to test it of course. Just think about the time you could instead spend relaxing after a nice purchased scrub has done its magic.

2. Money

If salt and generic oil were all you needed for a therapeutic body scrub, it would probably not cost you much. But considering the wealth of goodness we all want – that is found inside such ingredients as the specific lavender, macadamia, almond and other fine oils used in good body scrubs – expect to pay good money to obtain all the ingredients for your scrub. BodyScrub_LavAppleT 3. Ingredients

Do you think you can find all the ingredients of a good body scrub in your local store or supermarket? Makers of nice, natural body scrubs have spent years searching all corners of the globe to identify the elements that do wonders for your skin, making it hard to believe you can actually achieve the same results with ingredients from your local corner store. For example, natural body scrubs from brands such as Sabon (who make an incredible foamy scrub and a delicious creamy scrub) source their ingredients from some of the best, oldest and most proven beauty components in the world, including a wide range of fine herbs, salts and oils. Do you really feel that homemade body scrubs can measure up to such powerful secrets of nature? CreamyScrub_VanCocT 4. Effect

Anyone who wants their body scrub to produce results would be wise to look at how it has been tested. In today’s age when so many gentle ways of testing beauty aids is available (without using animals or harming the environment) we can buy scrubs that we know will have effect on our particular skin type. Whether you are looking to restore elasticity, replenish moisture or prevent ageing, you are likely to find that by buying body scrubs you obtain a product with a proven track record of effectiveness – as opposed to the product obtained from following DIY body scrub recipes.

5. Aromatherapy

Treating your skin to a nice scrub is about more than buffing your skin – it is about an overall regenerating experience. From sparkling citrus to soothing lavender, the delicate balance and therapy found in professionally made body scrubs are inimitable.

So think twice before striking out on your own. There is most likely a perfect body scrub already available for you – putting in the effort to find it can be much more fruitful than making your own.

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The 7 Best & Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Posted by admin  |  Apr 7, 2009 8:36:20 PM

Mother’s Day is approaching, and now is the perfect time to choose the perfect gift.

Whether you feel she deserves something to transform her bathroom to a luxurious home spa, or would prefer to give her a set of gentle oils, lotions or gels for her and her baby as summer approaches, good mother’s day gifts are an expression of love and respect. Choose between items she really needs or spoil her with something inspirational that will lift her mood – whatever direction you are leaning in, we have explored the seven best mother’s day gift ideas around.

1.    Skin Scrubs and Exfoliation

BodyScrub_VanCocT The mom who has everything but enough time to herself will cherish treats that help transform her daily beauty regime to an energy boosting, mood lifting experience. Indulgent, natural body scrubs can bring out her most radiant good looks while brightening all her senses. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals and oils, natural body scrubs offer more than rejuvenating exfoliation – they are perfect mother’s day gifts that empower her with endless confidence and optimism.

2. Mineral Powders

If you want to treat your mother to even deeper relaxation, consider mineral powders. This is the ultimate mother’s day gift to reduce stress. Rich and effervescent, these powders are added into the running hot water of a bath, where their powerful blend of salts, minerals and essential oils are proven to lower blood pressure, ease aching muscles and encourage a restful state of body and mind.

3. Bath Accessories

Comfortable, long-lasting bath accessories for the home spa make incredibly popular mother’s day gifts. She may have all the gels and emulsions she needs, but does she have a quality, ultra-soft bath brush for those hard-to-reach places or a nice sculpted, wooden scoop for her creamy body scrub? Not only do nice bath accessories help her look her best, they also give her bathroom a welcoming and elegant touch.

4. A Present for the Baby is a Gift for Her

Sometimes mother’s day gift ideas are inspired by a mom’s daily family routines. If she has a little one, some nice baby products could put a big smile on her face. Whether you choose a lotion infused with chamomile to enhance the baby’s sleep, or a gentle shower gel that doesn’t sting the eyes, she will thank you for remembering she is indeed a mother when mothers day comes.

5. Lighten her spirit with an aromatherapy diffuser

Most people like their homes nicely scented, and nothing diffuses home fragrance more naturally than reed diffusers. When you treat a busy mom to this simple yet stylish new way of adding fresh, relaxing or energizing fragrance to the rooms in her home, she will love the fact that she doesn’t have to lift a finger – her living space to look chic and smell like a million dollars with nearly no effort.

6. Enchanting Women’s Fragrances

Fragrances make timeless and appreciated good mother’s day gifts for almost all women – no matter their age or lifestyle. From lavish perfumes to wearable body sprays, this universal present makes a long-lasting impression that keeps giving long after she opens the gift box.

7. Mother’s day gift baskets

For when you need a top gift that comes perfectly matched with another and ready to unwrap, nothing beats beautiful gift baskets. Fragrances, soaps, bath salts, or any other gift that shows you care, delivered in elegant packaging will lift her spirits on any occasion – try it this mothers day and rest assured you will receive thank you after thank you.

Whether you are browsing for great mother’s day gifts to tell her you love her, to thank her for always being there or simply to show that you care, these gift ideas are sure to put a smile on her face.

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Scrub Your Way to Healthier Skin

Posted by admin  |  Apr 5, 2009 7:58:04 PM

Many of us primarily think of skin exfoliation as a method of enhancing beauty, but scrubs can also promote health and in some cases even cure skin problems. Whatever your age and skin type, your closest ally in maintaining healthy skin can be your body scrub. Here are some of the skin problems that often can be avoided or solved with the help of a good scrub regimen:

Dry Skin

Nothing helps deep hydration better than a rich scrub that both exfoliates and moisturizes. By choosing a natural body scrub without harsh chemicals you can gently massage away dry, damaged or dead skin cells, revealing softer and more receptive skin that allows moisture to penetrate deep down for lasting results. Scrubs containing oils from macadamia, almond or soybean will do wonders for dry skin problems since they combine organic moisture with natural nourishment, replenishing your own moisture barrier where it needs some help. If you have very sensitive dry skin, try a cream-based scrub since these are often more gentle. For rougher dry skin, even cracked heels or elbows, consider a sugar scrub infused with Jojoba oil; sugar is intensely hydrating and the vitamin E in Jojoba oil is incredible for restoring elasticity. By massaging and exfoliating dry and dull skin you prepare it best for your ultimate goal – which of course is to drench it in moisture. BodyScrub_VanCocT Oily skin

Cleansing and clarifying oily skin is something many of us deal with at one time or another in our lives. Oily skin not only gives our complexion an unwanted shine, it can also cause painful blemishes and spots that are difficult to treat. By choosing a creamy facial scrub that carefully polishes away dead skin cells and impurities while removing excess oils, you can give your skin a healthy and smooth surface without the use of harmful and harsh abrasives that can cause more damage and pain. Use scrubs with the antioxidant vitamin C to protect your skin from environmental pollutants that can cause excess oil to accumulate. To condition your skin as part of the polishing process and to neutralize any free radicals that can cause skin problems, choose products with vitamin E or Jojoba oil. By using a scrub to unclog pores, remove excess oil, condition your skin and protect it from external dangers, you are on your way towards saying goodbye to oil and shine.

Winter skin

Nothing makes winter any harder to get over than having rough skin. Luckily there are scrubs that can help you restore your skin’s natural balance, even after a season of harsh weather. To rediscover your natural beauty beneath those layers of dry and damaged skin you need to exfoliate, nourish and replenish moisturize. Pick a scrub that contains natural deep sea salts as it will gently polish away dead skin cells and impurities while infusing your complexion with minerals essential to healthy and vibrant skin. To bring back the youthful appeal of truly smooth skin, replenish your skin’s native moisture with macadamia nut oil – one out of many natural oils that can be found in good scrubs. BodyScrub_LavAppleT Whether you have a skin problem that causes itching, blemishes, spots or other discomforts, choose your scrub well. Avoid harsh exfoliation products with chemicals, alcohol or astringents, and instead choose creamy or foamy scrubs that are rich in natural oils, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Sabon’s range of body scrubs has been created using the finest natural ingredients to help you smooth, hydrate, condition, soothe, brighten and firm your skin. For help in choosing the right Body Scrub, Foamy Scrub, Creamy Scrub or Sugar Scrub for your skin, we welcome you to contact us.

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