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Selecting Your Signature Scent

Posted by admin  |  May 5, 2009 7:15:26 PM

Nothing has more power to transform moods, boost energy and inspire confidence, than your personal fragrance. Choosing a fragrance that you love and that expresses who you are is about more than picking a perfume. From the scented candle on your bedroom dresser to your office drawer liners, your favorite scent can make an enormous difference to how you feel and experience your surroundings. But how do you identify your signature scent? Here are some tips.

1. Choose a fragrance that complements your individual style and personality.

The best fragrances are always those that have a positive impact on how you feel. This means you should choose a fragrance that you are naturally drawn to. If you love very feminine fashions, and you always choose more elegant accessories for your home, chances are that girly, floral scents such as freesia, sweet pea or jasmine probably sit well with you. Richer floral scents and vanilla notes often sit well with independent spirits; sweeter than the subtle floral scents - and expressing more warmth - scents such as cinnamon, coconut or pumpkin exude confidence. People with athletic or active lifestyles often feel challenged when it comes to choosing a fragrance, simply because their schedule involves so many different facets. By picking scents that are both feminine and crisp – everything from a zesty citrus body dew to a refreshing apple scented body lotion – you can keep mind and body fresh, clean and invigorated all day long. BodyLotion_LavenderApple_JarT 2. Choose a fragrance that works with your environment.

Depending on where you are in your life and what your lifestyle demands from you, the best fragrances are those that get you into a mood that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Maybe your sleep environment needs some help? By introducing aromatic oils infused with lavender, such as a Provence reed diffuser, you can lull even the most worked up minds into peaceful dreams. If you are instead seeking a more sensual environment, introduce earthy or exotic tones – such as bamboo and amber, or coconut and patchouli. Use reed diffusers here also, so these sweet tones won’t become overpowering, and disperse the subtle tones of each scent through drawer liners inserted where you keep your clothes and linen. For an invigorating bathroom environment, choose a fragrance that is spiked with fresh and fruity notes. Tropical or clean musk scents will make you feel refreshed every morning when you enter for your shower. AromaticOil_LavenderT 3. Choose a fragrance that improves your comfort and wellbeing.

Some of us have very stressful lives, where we are always at the verge of exhaustion. It is important to give yourself time and space to relax and recharge, whether it is for five minutes at the kitchen counter or hours in your favorite armchair. How to choose a fragrance may seem like something you just don’t have time for when every day is a race to meet important deadlines, but it can make a tremendous difference. By introducing smaller fragrant details into your surroundings, you can help yourself unwind and renew. For example, put apple cinnamon mint soap in your bathroom and every time you wash your hands you will breathe in the kind of sweet, warm and therapeutic powers that help alleviate stress and fight exhaustion. Or, add a few drops of geranium and sandal woodscented massage oil to your next manicure, and you may feel some of your pain, stress and fatigue melt away.

Your signature scent has the power to transform your every day experiences. Whatever your personality, lifestyle and dreams, the best fragrances are those that make you feel good.

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5 Places You Have to Visit in NYC

Posted by admin  |  May 4, 2009 7:09:19 PM

A world-class metropolis with endless attractions and experiences to discover, NYC beckons millions of visitors every year. Whether you come here often, or it is your first time, there are a few hotspots and local treasures nobody should miss.

Here are 5 fabulous places to visit in NYC:

1. The Green Market at Union Square

On every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, local farmers, bakers and harvesters come into the Union Square Greenmarket in Manhattan, selling everything from cheese and meats to flowers and plants. Whether you are a gourmet chef with a taste for organic or naturally grown ingredients, flavors and scents, or simply love to stroll a bustling market scene munching on a homemade fresh pretzel, this is one of the best places to visit in NYC. Union Square is located on the intersection of East 14th Street, Park Avenue South and Broadway.

2. Bryant Park Movie Nights

As an expansive public park featuring flower gardens, neo-classical sculptures and popular walkways, Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan often stands host to fun NYC attractions and events. Every Monday night during the summer, classic movies are shown for free on the big screen. Bring a blanket, some dinner and an appetite for great films and you will not be disappointed. Bryant Park is located between 40th and 42nd Streets, and Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

3. Bodies Exhibition

Few NYC attractions have received so much attention as the Bodies Exhibition, where more than 200 human specimens are showcasing the inner workings of our bodies. Dissected and preserved with an extraordinary attention to detail, each part of this exhibit stirs up excitement and awe. From hearts to tissue, everything you discover in this exhibition is likely to captivate and keep you thinking for a long time to come. The Bodies Exhibition is held in downtown Manhattan, at the South Street Seaport Exhibition Centre on Fulton Street.

4. Row Boats on the Central Park Lake

From March through to October, those who seek the ultimate Central Park experience can row boats on the Central Park Lake. Romantic for couples and fun for friends, this is a NYC attraction that visitors have loved since the 19th century. Rowing on the tranquil lake is a special treat on those summer days when the lawns are full and the walkways busy – an adventure within your adventure if you like. Rentals are open at the Loeb Boathouse between 10am and 5pm every day, and up to five people fit in a boat.

5. Ride Across the Hudson River on the Staten Island Ferry

For some of the best views of Lower Manhattan, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, jump on the free Staten Island Ferry. A 25-minute ride takes you from Manhattan to Staten Island, with a backdrop of high-rises, New York Harbor, and more. The ferry runs 24 hours per day, all rides are free and the wait is rarely very long. Find the Staten Island Ferry on Whitehall Street and Water Street, right by the edge of the water in downtown Manhattan. Apart from all of the above, the best thing about NYC is the shopping. Streets, avenues and alleys are peppered with everything from department stores to tiny boutiques. When you are here, always make sure to include a stop at a Sabon NYC store for some superb fragrance and bath accessories.

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Foamy Scrub Lavender Apple

Posted by admin  |  May 2, 2009 6:41:49 PM

Reveal your softer side with the Sabon Foamy Scrub in Apple Lavender. Whether you have been searching for a lavender body scrub or an apple scrub, this smoothing beauty treat has it all. The relaxing scent of lavender will melt away your tension, while the refreshing apple flavors will give your skin and senses a well-deserved energy boost. In addition to its aroma-therapeutic powers, this clever scrub uses natural Dead Sea Salts to draw out toxins and impurities from your complexion. After buffing away dullness, the rich composition of natural minerals, vitamins and oils go to work on replenishing nutrients and moisture anywhere it is needed. From healthy doses of Vitamin C and E that restore your youthful appearance, to essential almond, macadamia and soybean oils that intensely moisturizes and nourishes, this apple and lavender body scrub makes you glow. Lather it all over your body up to twice a week, or add a scoop into your bath. As a foaming, refreshing apple scrub and wash in one, you will feel cleansed without the dryness of soap – something anyone with dry or sensitive skin will appreciate. Other foaming flavors that leave you with

ultra-touchable skin include Vanilla Coconut, Ginger Orange or Patchouli Lavender Vanilla. Heal Skin and Soothe Senses With Sabon Foamy Scrub Lavender Apple

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How to Improve Skin and Revitalize?

Posted by admin  |  Apr 24, 2009 8:41:30 PM

Life can be a bit topsy-turvy even for the best of us, and our skin is the first to show signs of any kind of stress and fatigue – even if it is simply from juggling everyday situations such as family and work.

Whether you work hard and need to find a manageable way to care for your complexion on a daily basis or simply want to rediscover your youthful appearance ahead of a special occasion, there are many paths towards improving your skin and revitalizing your natural beauty. We have outlined what we feel are the ultimate ways in which you can cleanse, purify, soften, tone and reinvigorate your skin towards newfound strength and health.

Skin exfoliation

Since the beginning of time, exfoliation has been a key component in skin care. Everything from stones to minerals and bristles have served as tools to achieve that perfectly smooth skin surface and sculpted silhouette. Today, these kinds of bath accessories make excellent accompaniments to any beauty regimen, but with skin care intelligence taking exfoliating body scrub to new heights it is hard to deny the central importance of these quality dual-purpose exfoliation emulsions to any serious body therapy session. Whether they are salt, sugar, soap or oil based, great body scrubs are dual-action essentials that remove dead skin cells and then cleanses, moisturizes or prevents ageing.

Exfoliation is a great way to start your path towards healthier and more revitalized skin. Choose a natural scrub packed with essential vitamins, minerals and oils, and always make sure to match both your routine and the kind of scrub to your skin type. For example, if you have sensitive skin look for a natural and chemical free scrub with a light and creamy consistency – it will be easy to apply and allow you to incorporate exfoliation into your daily routines without causing strain on your skin. foamyscrub_lavenderappleM For the face, select a cream-based scrub for weekly or bi-weekly usage, but ensure it contains small and fine exfoliating beads for a more gentle polish. With the right facial scrub and skincare your entire appearance will get a boost; a porcelain-smooth and nourished complexion around the eyes, cheeks and mouth, with a healthy tone, texture and translucency will make your entire body radiate with strength.

Moisturizer for dry skin

Following exfoliation, nothing improves skin condition more than the right skin lotion or cream. By adding moisture to your skin you replace lost nutrients that support your body’s natural repair process, helping fix signs of sun or other environmental damage. Natural lotions and creams made with organic ingredients usually contain essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that will nourish but also safeguard your skin from harmful UV rays and pollutants, making them powerful hydrators and protectors. Always choose your facial lotion separately, and match it carefully to your specific skin type.

Exercise good for skin

Of course, better skin is best approached from the inside as well as the outside. When you incorporate any great skin care workout and nourishment into your lifestyle, consider your overall exercise and diet regimen as well. Nothing treats fatigued skin to a bigger boost than healthy physical movement and the right food and drink. Increased blood circulation helps your body’s natural and ongoing cleansing processes, improves skin cell renewal and gives you a healthy radiance. Combined with balanced nutrition consisting of the essential vitamins, minerals and oils your skin craves, exercise also promotes vitality and youth – not just for your skin, but your entire body and mind.

If you are ready to do what it takes to improve skin texture, tone and overall complexion, these tips are invaluable. By embracing the appropriate exfoliation, moisture, exercise and diet, you are not only embracing the most important steps toward better overall health – but also better skin.

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How to Improve Skin: 3 Strategies to Help You Feel Better

Posted by admin  |  Apr 14, 2009 8:25:08 PM

There are three key avenues to healthy, youthful, beautiful skin; they include controlling your exposure to sunlight, watching what you eat, and treating your skin with effective products such as body scrubs.

1. Sun skin protection

It is never too late to start protecting your skin from sun damage. Sunlight promotes your overall health in many ways, most importantly by enhancing your mood (ask any Norwegian during the winter months what her mood is like without the sun).

Unfortunately, though, the sun’s rays are also one of the most damaging and age-accelerating things you can expose your skin to. However, by simply making sunscreen part of your morning routine you (and your skin) can enjoy all the benefits of fun in the sun without any of its drawbacks.

2. Food for healthy skin

Believe it or not, the foods that you eat can affect the quality of your skin as well. Eating healthy foods not only improves your health but it helps you achieve a smooth glowing complexion. Eating foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants is an effective way to keep your skin healthy and looking radiant.

Foods such as fish, walnuts, eggs, and leafy green vegetables will all improve your complexion by giving your skin the ingredients it needs to become as soft and smooth as possible. Vitamins A and E also lead to better skin, making foods such as carrots, broccoli, spinach, and almonds essential for achieving that silky smooth sensation.

3. Remove dead skin

BodyScrub_Musk_LT The easiest and most effective route to good skin is eliminating the dead skin cells and the dirt that inevitably accumulates on the surface of your skin during the course of the day.

This necessary cleansing process requires natural body scrubs in order for the desired results to be achieved. These high-quality scrubs clean out pores and get rid of dead skin cells.

This exfoliating process then reveals the healthier layers of skin that lies beneath the dead skin and the grime, giving your skin a radiant shine, reinvigorating your whole body, and returning that youthful glow to your appearance. Ashiness, freckling, and the damage inflicted by extended exposure to sunlight can all greatly be reduced if you stick to a regular body scrub regimen.

More than just reversing damages to the skin, body scrubs also increase skin elasticity. This means your skin will actually become younger and firmer as you continue to follow your body scrub routine. Body scrubs also come with the added, unique advantage of allowing you to reap all the benefits of aromatherapy. The scent of the Lavender body scrub, for example, gives you a warm relaxed feeling in your mind and your body and when this feeling is combined with the body scrub’s exfoliating properties, complete satisfaction is the result. Think of every application of a body scrub as a virtual escape to the spa.

How do you improve you skin?

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