Candles have a way of setting the mood, whichever mood you’re going for. You can relax with candles and a good book, candles and a comfortable bath, or simply letting the scent work through your entire house for everyone to enjoy. Turning off the lights and letting a few candles take over is a whole new level of relaxation.

Amber Square Candles come in a deep red color, and add a splash of life into any room. The square shape makes them perfect as a room accessory, and they’re different to look at from a usual round candle. The amber fragrance is light enough to not be too overwhelming, but strong enough to enjoy. Perfect for a breezy night.

Sometimes looking forward to a relaxing candle lit night is all you need. It’s definitely something that should be experienced, if you haven’t yet had the luxury. Aside from the fragrant luxuries, candles have a practical sense, too. The right candles can turn an unfortunate power outage into a relaxing electricity-free evening that you’ll want to purposely recreate.

Our scented candles come in a variety of sizes, so you can make your own set, or scatter them throughout the room. The wicks used are ozone friendly, too. Guilt free luxury.

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