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How to Keep Your Skin Fresh this Winter

Posted by Sabon NYC  |  Dec 5, 2012 3:52:37 PM

How to Keep Your Skin Fresh this SummerHow to Keep Your Skin Fresh this SummerHow to Keep Your Skin Fresh this Summer

It’s a battle every year: the cold weather sweeps in and we’re forced to deal with dry, flaky skin. It’s itchy, uncomfortable, and it looks even worse than it feels. While dry skin can start as a small annoyance, if left untreated it can sometimes lead to dermatitis, a more severe condition characterized by red, bumpy skin inflammation.

Fortunately, most dry skin arises from external causes – like cold weather – and can be nicked with topical care. Here are a few guidelines for ensuring your skin is well taken care of.

  1. Shower sensibly. Long showers can be lovely, but if you stand in the stream for too long while the water is hot, your morning ritual could be working against you. Hot water will wash away the oils your skin already produces. Also, don’t overuse soap when you bathe – it will rob you of soft skin even faster.
  2. Not too wet, not too dry. When you rub on lotion, be sure that your skin is damp before application to work along with the product. As soon as you hop out of the shower is best – your pours will be open and you’ll be wet all over. Just pat down the dry areas of skin before you slather on anything. You’ll trap the moisture better that way.
  3. Use natural products. It’s important to use lotions that are based on natural ingredients. Oils with natural origins are best to gently saturate your skin. Sabon’s body butter is a good choice for especially thirsty skin. It uses a natural triumvirate: shea butter, cocoa butter, and bees’ wax.
  4. Don’t scratch. Even when it seems impossible, you can’t claw at your skin during dry air (and dry skin) season. Itching will only further irritate your skin. Don’t prolong the problem; treat it.
  5. Exfoliate! Especially in the winter, exfoliating is very important. Dry winter skin is the result of dry skin cell build up. As we tend to releive this with only applying heavy creams, many of us forget that the most important ritual to healthy skin is to first exfoliate the dry skin away! Increase your exfoliation routine this season to remove the dead skin cells, and then moisturize the new cells, resulting in healthier, moister skin! Try our Body Scrubs, which we reccommend using 2-3 times per week. This will enhance the skins glow with immediate results!


Your skin is your biggest, most vulnerable organ. As cold weather creeps closer and closer, take good care of your skin so you can look and feel better!

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Lotion Your Hands will Love

Posted by admin  |  Feb 25, 2010 1:23:54 PM


Your hands are always there for you. They hold your phone, type on your keyboard, and put your pillow on your bed when you want to go to sleep. They sign your name, and keep you from tripping by tying your shoes. It’s time to give something back to your hands.

Lavender Rose Hand Cream is the perfect way to make them feel appreciated. It will be a difficult surprise unless you can have someone else open the box, but the sentiment won’t be lost.

The refined and non-greasy texture will keep your hands from suffering any unnecessary downtime. Since it is vitamin enriched with vanity in mind, your skin will be looking smoother and younger. Your fingers can text message proudly. The discreet scent of this soothing lotion will keep them from getting that “bathed-in” reputation—subtlety at its finest.

Having a light fragrance and instant usability make this hand cream a great unisex gift, so you don’t have to worry about buying your hands the wrong thing. The relaxing effects of lavender rose will give them back that debonair suaveness you’re used to.

It is the thought that counts. Tangible thoughts are more easily appreciated, though, so give your hands something they deserve!

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‘Mind, Body, and Soul?’ Try Mouth, Body, and Skin

Posted by admin  |  Feb 20, 2010 1:08:39 PM


Summer is full of relaxation and fun in the sun. Vacations, barbecues, and lots of well deserved rest outside are at the top of your list. No matter what you’re doing, it’s always nice to cool down every once in a while—and ice cream is synonymous with cooling down in the summer heat.

It’s not as if you really need an excuse for ice cream, but if you need some evidence, you should probably try it out first hand. Why not give the same relief to your skin? After spending a day in the dry hot sun, serve your skin some Sorbet Body Gel, and then make yourself an ice cream cone from the freezer.

The cooling effects of this luscious gel will have your skin feeling aloe vera refreshed and radiant—with 100% less calories! Best of all, the light and non-greasy gel won’t leave your skin feeling sticky in the summer heat. Our breakthrough formula contains avocado and palm tree oil for superior skin health.

Tropic Sorbet Body Gel will have your skin feeling pleased as sorbet punch. Also available in ginger orange, vanilla coconut, lemon basil, and lavender fragrances for all your summer needs!

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Foot Care

Posted by admin  |  Jan 14, 2010 2:18:33 PM


Indulge your hard working feet after a day of running around the city with the luscious combination of aroma-therapy oils and skin conditioners. Sabon’s foot lotion is enriched with antioxidants for a powerful reflexology experience. The lotion also contains an anti-fungal camphor and menthol to ensure freshness. Sabon’s foot lotion is recommended for all skin types. For extra dry and cracked heels or calluses  use sabon’s body butter along with the lotion.

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Hand Care

Posted by admin  |  Jan 12, 2010 2:00:28 PM

Start your hands off right with Sabon’s germ-fighting antibacterial hand cleanser. The cleaner comes in a durable plastic bottle that is easy for transportation, (even when the bottle is rolling around the bottom of your handbag) the cleaner is under 3 oz. which makes it safe for air travel as well! Enjoy the whimsical fragrance of Pink Cotton musk and be germ-free throughout the day. hand-creamSabon’s Hand cream Tube is a must have on your list for essential supplies to carry in your handbag. The light and non greasy texture makes no excuse for dry and chapped hands. Gently enriched with essential oils, silicone, vitamin E and C, this luscious experience will leave your hands, nails and cuticles feeling as if you just have a manicure. Choose from fragrances such as Patchouli Lavender Vanilla, Lavender Apple and Lavender Rose scents.

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