Sometimes, you need a relaxing shower with a calm and soothing scent. But sometimes, you need a bolt of revitalization that leaves you feeling refreshed and full of zest. Perfect for those early mornings or summer afternoon pick-me-ups, Lemon Basil is the perfect scent.

This Body Gel Polisher is the ultimate 2 in 1, and will cleanse and exfoliate your skin with one simple step. Perfect for vacationers packing lightly. Your skin will be radiantly comfortable, and you’ll never want to shower with another scent again. This is also the perfect fragrance for cooling down at night and stimulating your senses. Clear your mind from your busy day, and spend the rest of your night looking forward to tomorrow.

Essential oils will moisturize your skin, and daily use should help to improve circulation. It does all the work for you, giving you smoother skin and a refreshed mind, and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

If you find yourself so loyal to Lemon Basil, which is perfectly understandable, it also makes a great kitchen soap. There are several other products available in the same scent, including the Royal Treatment!

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