As more people are grasping the need to implement green decisions into their everyday lives, we are seeing a definite surge in natural and organic products. From electronics and appliances to household cleaners, fashion and cosmetics, brands all over the world are responding to this accelerating demand. Here are some of the most impressive players in the arena of natural, organic health and beauty:

The Hain-Celestial Group Shoppers who want to buy natural health and beauty products that are free from animal-derived ingredients, and that are not tested on animals, should consider United States brands such as Zia Natural Skin Care and Jason Natural Products. Both these brands come under the Hain-Celestial Group. Boasting both a recycling symbol and a natural ingredients logo, products from Zia and Jason are favorites with consumers who want to purchase cruelty-free beauty items that are responsibly developed, manufactured and packaged.

Sabon The company that has maintained impeccable quality standards since opening the doors to its first store in Tel Aviv in 1991, has recently been offered the ECOCERT® seal of approval for its new, fine organic skin care line. ECOCERT®, the French institute and organic certifying agency, has established that Sabon's organic line of products meets incredibly strict organic standards. There is an organic day cream, face serum, eye lifting serum, hand cream, foot cream, butter cream, body scrub and olive oil soap available from Sabon and they each come full with the purest of medicinal plants, natural oils and other essential nutrients. Not only does Sabon source, blend, manufacture and package their products in environmentally responsible ways, the company is also known for a generous and kind policy all around. They even help their consumers be responsible - rumor has it its New York City stores will take the recyclable glass jars off the hands of consumers that don't have access to their own recycling facilities.

Korres With roots in the first homeopathic pharmacy in Greece, this brand sells its natural products in specialty stores and boutiques around the United States and in shops and pharmacies around the world. While some consumers are confused by the company's pharmacy past, those who research and learn soon discover this is a nice, natural line of quality products.

Waleda For an 85-year old, this company is incredibly vital and energetic. The Swiss organic and biodynamic body care products of Waleda are BDHI certified which means they abide by a set of European rules on organic development, manufacturing and distribution. Creamy body washes with Lavender, body scrubs with birch and other natural products make up their collection of organic little luxuries.

Aubrey Organics Fragrance is not to be forgotten when discussing health and beauty companies going green. It is hard to find pure, organic fragrances still but Aubrey Organics does have a line of natural fragrances, one collection for men and one for women ¬- and for that they deserve some praise. From Spring Floral to Ocean Waters, their scents may not sound too original, but they sure are organic.

All natural and organic segments in health, beauty and cosmetics are growing as the result of an increasing organic awareness. If we all take the time to learn about the brands out there that are making an effort to bring us new, better products we could help strengthen our own health as well as the health of our planet.

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