Healthy Benefits of a Milk Bath


Cleopatra wasn’t the ravishing beauty that Hollywood has made us believe – the Greek historian Plutarch describes her alleged exoticism as “itself neither altogether incomparable, nor such as to strike those who saw her” – but the legend of her radiant skin is anything but a myth.

To achieve such smooth, supple skin, Cleopatra regularly soaked in milk baths, a luxury befitting only a queen; in today’s economy, milk isn’t cheap, and very few people without claim to a throne, crown, and royal subjects can afford such an indulgence.

But even though a true milk bath is out the question for regular folks like us, the concept – and other all-natural ingredients with properties similar to skin-soothing milk – is not.

At our Sabon boutiques in New York City, we often recreate a miniature “milk bath” for our customers right in front their eyes so they can see and feel our products at work.

First we add a dainty scoop of scented bath salts, and as the water is running we drizzle in our bath foam and milky soap. Then, as the bath rises, we sprinkle about three heaping handfuls of mineral powder into the tub. The reaction is instant. Sabon customers watching the demonstration can see the mineral powder react to the warm water and then feel the creamy consistency of the bath that leaves the whole body moisturized, replenished, and silky.

Our milk bath, however, isn’t just about healthy, glowing, exuberant skin. There are other benefits to this decadent escape that only Cleopatra was privy – until now. Take a look at these six reasons you should enjoy a relaxing bath tonight.

1. Release Tension

When you can’t find a good masseur, a warm milk bath is the next best thing to release the bodily tension that causes soreness, tenderness, and other unwanted aches. The heat increases elasticity in your body, allowing it to relax and loosen up. When you’re ready to get out, gently stretch your muscles to take full advantage of this tension reliever before letting your pains slip down the drain.

2. De-Stress from the Day

It's common knowledge that a long soak in the tub allows you to relax and de-stress after a hard day, but did you know that the de-stressing effect of a warm bath is a scientific fact? A study from Osaka, Japan, confirms that after 60 minutes of bathing, subjects experienced a dramatic reduction in cortisol and chromogranin, two sensitive salivary stress markers. Of course, you may not have the time or stamina to soak for an hour, but if you take a shorter bath make sure that it’s uninterrupted so you can effectively find your happy place.

3. Induce Fatigue

If you have trouble sleeping, perhaps a bath before bedtime will help you drift off to dreamland. Fatigue is a common experience after a hot bath because when you’re in the warm water your body dilates your blood vessels causing less blood to reach your brain. In response, your heart speeds up to try to circulate your blood faster. Basically, this is your body’s attempt to cool itself when your body temperature rises, and the fatigue is nature’s way of telling you that your body needs to rest.

4. Expunge Toxins

Run bath water cool enough to prevent scalding but hot enough to make you sweat and you’ll release toxins from your body via perspiration.

5. Increase Circulation

When you bathe, the rate of nourishing blood cells traveling to damaged tissue increases allowing your blood to circulate more easily.

6. Boost Your Immune System

 Not only can the hot bath water potentially kill strains of bacteria that may be lurking on your body, but the stimulation of your vascular and lymph system will decrease the risk of colds and other infections as you wash your troubles away.


Have you tried a Sabon milk bath? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

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Posted by Liya  |  Aug 24, 2012 1:29:46 PM  |  0 Likes

Thank you .. Great information this is the time To listen to our body and give it the best we can Sabon is offering great modern way With a spice of the past ..I love to add also the rose bath Salt and in the end to rub my body with lavender Body oil . Love Sabon

Posted by Allison  |  Aug 24, 2012 1:30:04 PM  |  0 Likes

What combination of scents do you recommend using all of the above products?

Posted by Sabon NYC  |  Aug 24, 2012 1:53:02 PM  |  1 Likes

Hi Allison!

That is a wonderful question. Mixing and matching scents is at the essence of our Perfect Bath Collection. We usually recommend using different scents in order to diversify the scent pallet and create a truly unique experience.

To make this simple, we tend to group Sabon scents into a 3 categories: Sweet, Floral, & Earthy

It is a good idea to choose one (Mineral Powder, Bath Foam, Milky Soap) from each category! Doing so will result in a delectable scent that you can call your own! The matching of Sweet, Floral and Earthy tones is a guaranteed success when it comes to Sabon fragrances.

So have fun being your own mixologist!

Sweet: Vanilla, Peach, Honey Peach, Vanilla Coconut, Ginger Orange)

Floral: Lavender, Patchouli Lavender Rose, Rose Tea

Earthy: Musk, Patchouli Lavender Vanilla, Patchouli Musk

We also insist on deep breaths, scented candles, and soft music for a truly luxurious experience any (or every!) day of the week. :)

Note: When it comes to our Bath Salts, whichever scent you choose, you will be receiving the positive healing benefits of the Dead Sea.

Posted by jiyoon  |  Oct 28, 2012 11:32:40 PM  |  0 Likes

i bought all products that were needed for the milky bath except for the bath salt because i already had one.

But I don't think i made the bath correctly...

Should the bath look more like bubble  bath or does it look like a warm water with a little bit foam in it?

Bcuz the bath itself doesn't look nothing like milky or foamy...

Posted by Sabon NYC  |  Nov 7, 2012 2:56:19 PM  |  0 Likes

Hi Juyoon!

That is a great question. It depends on how much of each product you put into the bath to create a calming effect.

The milky soap makes the water luxurious and smooth by adding moisture to the bath. It does not create a lot of foam due to the fact that foam is caused by glycerin.  Since the Milky Soap contains 12.5% lotion and its main purpose is to moisturize we do not add a lot of glycerin to the Milky Soap as it can take some of the moisture away.

If you do, however wish to have more foam please feel free to add more of the milky soap under running watter for best results.  

Expect to feel rejuvenated after the Milk Bath regardless of the foam.

Every bath is different. You are its architect. 




Posted by モンクレール キッズダウンジャケットBRANSONブランソン ピンク  |  Dec 5, 2012 3:33:52 PM  |  0 Likes

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