New York City is truly a shopping Mecca. Nowhere else in the world can you find such a diverse range of department stores, boutiques and designer shops, selling everything from fragrance to fashion. Whether you like to stroll down narrow cobbled streets in search of unique shopping experiences, or are more in favor of a direct approach (outpost stores where you can enter, find nearly everything you need, buy it, and leave), some of the best places to shop in NYC are definitely here:

FAO Schwarz

Forever emblazoned in the minds of anyone who saw the movie ‘Big’ starring Tom Hanks, and still one of the most popular destinations for children, the toy store FAO Schwartz is indeed a must see. Three full floors are packed with toys, games, stuffed animals, books – everything you could ever imagine – and display an atmosphere unlike any shop you have ever been to. Great to bring your kids to, or even relive your childhood, there’s no excuse not to come here for your toy fix. And it’s right next to the Apple Store, on the south east end of Central Park, so it’s impossible to miss.


Elegant, luxurious and full of the finest bath and body products you have ever seen, Sabon is a must-visit shopping destination in New York City for anyone who appreciates exquisite beauty items. Here you will discover everything from an indulgent creamy body scrub range to sensual reed diffusers, elegantly tucked away inside a décor that is the perfect mix of rustic charm and utmost sophistication. Surprisingly affordable, every product is made from lovely ingredients sourced in all corners of the world, from Israel to Provence. You will have everything from mint to patchouli to choose from as you survey the wide selection of scents and flavors inside the premier products on display. While there are many Sabon stores in New York City, the boutique located in Greenwich Village (on 6th Avenue between 9th and 10th Street) is the first shop to open its doors in America, and well worth a visit. You will also find these wonderful stores in Midtown, UWS, UES, Chelsea, Soho and even New Jersey.


This Japanese design store is acclaimed all over the world for its ‘unbranded’ products, ranging from stationery to kitchenware to clothing. Their minimalist designs are incredibly elegant and undeniably cool, and you’ll see all the trendsetters here picking up everything from cardboard iPod speakers to a memory foam pillow. After years of being exclusively sold at the MoMA stores, New York City received two MUJI stores recently, one in Soho – on Broadway near Canal St. – and the flagship store in Times Square, in the lobby of the New York Times Building.

Jacques Torres

Anyone with a sweet tooth knows that there are some definite chocolate shop destinations in New York City, the most prominent of them all perhaps Jacques Torres. In Jacques Torres stores you can not only sample and buy your favorite sweets, you can also enjoy watching them being made – right before your hungry eyes. Fans of recycled tools and machines will be thrilled to see cacao treats here are produced using just that, old-fashioned and recycled chocolate machines. Don’t miss the store on 350 Hudson at King Street (only one block south of Houston).

Kid Robot

When it comes to artsy NYC Soho shops, few places beat the specialty store Kid Robot. Head here for all your keychain, art toy, clothing or other tasteful and strange goods, you will not be disappointed by what you find. Artistic items inspired by music such as hip-hop and techno, and clothing that rocks, are sure to make you want to come back for more. Whatever your dream NYC shopping destination looks and feels like, there is a plethora of shops and boutiques to choose from in this world-class metropolis. Apart from these mentioned here, this city is sprinkled with noteworthy places to discover.

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