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Paddle Brush

A brush perfect for an allover body polish equipped with the softest bristles to reveal smooth, glowing skin; designed with a comfortable wooden handle and a loop for easy storage.


Palm Oil Soap

Mango Papaya

Soap bar based on palm oil, comes in a tropical mango and papaya scent.

Palm Oil Soap

Passion Fruit Carambola

Soap bar based on palm oil, comes in a passionfruit carambola scent.


Palm Oil Soap

Pineapple Coconut

Soap bar based on palm oil, comes in a pineapple coconut scent.

Palm Oil Soap

Patchouli Lavender Vanilla

Soap bar based on palm oil, comes in a patchouli lavender vanilla scent.


Palm Oil Soap

Spearmint Red Grapefruit

Soap bar based on palm oil, comes in a spearmint, red grapefruit scent.

Palm Oil Soap

Clear Dream

Soap bar based on palm oil, comes in the clear dream scent.


Palm Oil Soap

Golden Iris

Soap bar based on palm oil. Packaged in a beautiful decorative box. SABON's Special Edition Golden Iris fragrance comes from the delicate scent of the Iris Flower.


Candy Blossom

A light, daily floral perfume


Perfume PLV 28

Patchouli Lavender Vanilla

The Legendary Scent of Sensual Patchouli, Fresh Lavender and Sweet Vanilla.

Pocket Mirror

A Pocket Mirror, designed to carry in any handbag.


Printed Tape

Perfect for scrapbooking, art journaling, gift wrapping, and creative paper craft projects!

Pure Radiance

Inside Pure Radiance (GIFT BOX MAY VARY) you will find:
Shower Oil (Lavender)
Body Scrub (PLV)
Hand Lotion Tube (PLV)
Body Butter Box (Lavender)
Small Round ...




A vintage inspired cream quilted purse with a double clasp. Long chain included. Use it for a night out, or simply as a cosmetic case.



Vintage-style small purse with design in black, gold and touches of red, all black interior. Add a touch of femininity to any outfit.


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