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Paddle Brush

A brush perfect for an allover body polish equipped with the softest bristles to reveal smooth, glowing skin; designed with a comfortable wooden handle and a loop for easy storage.


Palm Oil Soap

Passion Fruit Carambola

Soap bar based on palm oil, comes in a passionfruit carambola scent.

Palm Oil Soap

Pineapple Coconut

Soap bar based on palm oil, comes in a pineapple coconut scent.


Palm Oil Soap

Patchouli Lavender Vanilla

Soap bar based on palm oil, comes in a patchouli lavender vanilla scent.

Palm Oil Soap

Spearmint Red Grapefruit

Soap bar based on palm oil, comes in a spearmint, red grapefruit scent.


Palm Oil Soap

Golden Iris

Soap bar based on palm oil. Packaged in a beautiful decorative box. SABON's Special Edition Golden Iris fragrance comes from the delicate scent of the Iris Flower.

Passport Case

Stylish passport case - conveniently transport your travel documents. Embossed with pink and gold graphics.


Pedicure Set

All the tools necessary for a pampering pedicure, 5 tools in a convenient travel case for your convenience!

Perfect Gentleman

Patchouli Citrus

Embrace your inner gentleman with Sabons signature "Perfect Gentleman" set, or pamper the special guys in your life!

  • Body Scrub (600 G)
  • Shower Oil (500 ML)
  • ...



    Patchouli Lavender Vanilla

    The Legendary Scent of Sensual Patchouli, Fresh Lavender and Sweet Vanilla.


    Candy Blossom

    A light, daily fruity perfume reminiscent of sweet cherry blossoms from our signature "Girlfriends" collection.


    Pocket Mirror

    Sabon Girlfriends' Collection cherishes small and precious moments like an old photo album: innocence, freedom, emotions and first love. The line continues the tradition of SA...


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