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Organic Day Cream

An active cream excellent for nourishing and restoring your skin's moisture on a base of macadamia nut oil. Contains organic medicinal plants from the Swiss Alps - edelweiss, ar...


Organic Dream

Organic Dream makes the greatest gift lovers of all things organic. These miraculous products are based on medicinal plants from the Swiss Alps, completely all natural and prese...

Organic Essentials

Based on organic Shea butter and rich in organic extracts, these organic creams softens your hands and feet, nourishe and protect from loss of moisture and also contain organic ...


Organic Eye Serum

This Organic Eye Lifting Serum has an instant lifting effect, and it works like magic. Based on Acacia Extract, with Vitamin E, Aloe and Jojoba.

Organic Face Serum

A special care serum that battles time's ill-effects, on a base of macadamia nut oil. Contains a particularly high concentration of medicinal plants from the Swiss Alps - impera...


Organic Foot Cream

A unique formula of oils and extracts that leaves the skin on the soles of your feet soft, supple, and smooth. Our Foot Cream is based on organic Shea butter with organic extrac...

Organic Hand Cream

Based on organic Shea butter and rich in organic extracts, this organic cream softens your hands, nourishes and protects from loss of moisture. Also contains organic olive oil,...


Organic Olive Oil Soap

Lavender olive oil soap combines natural and organic ingredients. Based on organic olive oil with palm oil, coconut oil and lavender extract, this natural soap has excellent cle...

Organza Bag

Choose this delightful, sheer cream colored organza bag to store your Soap Flakes. Perfectly sheer for diffusing fragrance, and perfectly chic for gifts.


Oval Mirror

Vintage cream framed mirror with a bow on top makes a perfectly elegant addition to any room.
11.5 x 12 inches

Overnight Travel Kit

Perfect kit with all of your overnight essentials!


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